30 days on, Jet yet to retrieve senior citizen's misplaced luggage

Aug 15, 2015, 17:01 IST | Neha LM Tripathi and Vedika Chaubey

The airline misplaced 67-year-old Veena Seth's luggage in July while she was travelling from Amritsar to Mumbai; luggage contains valuables worth Rs 35,000

For 67-year-old Veena Seth, recovering her misplaced luggage has become a harrowing task. It’s been over a month since she returned from Amristar, but the Jet Airways officials are yet to retrieve her luggage.

Veena Seth
Veena Seth

Veena visited the Golden Temple with her daughter and granddaughter in July and had booked her return tickets through Jet Airways. They initially boarded 9W 2662 (Amritsar-Delhi) flight and after a gap of two hours boarded 9W 352 (Delhi-Mumbai) flight. However, Veena was unable to trace her luggage after landing in the city. She has been following up with the airline officials ever since.

Acknowledgment receipt issued to Veena Seth about her missing luggage
Acknowledgment receipt issued to Veena Seth about her missing luggage

She said, “I last called the airline’s office just two days ago and they told me that my luggage was in Jaipur. When I asked how did it reach there, the only answer I received was that they would get the baggage as soon as possible.”

Veena’s husband Lalit Mohan said they have contacted the airline officials about 30 times since the luggage was misplaced and the only answer they ever got was the airline staff was trying to retrieve it. He claimed that the baggage has valuables worth R35,000. Though the Seths are frequent fliers, this is for the first time that their luggage has been misplaced.

The other side

“Jet Airways would like to clarify that the check-in history of the guest who travelled on Jet Airways flight 9W2662 does not reflect registration of any baggage in the system nor any missing case is raised in the World Tracer at Mumbai,” stated a Jet Airways spokesperson.

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