30-year-old steals wife's jewellery, frames domestic help for theft

Jun 01, 2016, 08:55 IST | Samiullah Khan

The man had suffered losses in his business in Dubai and had stolen the diamond rings and Rolex watches worth Rs 65 lakh to repay his debts; police arrest him after his confession

A 30-year-old man who had lodged a complaint against his domestic help of robbery turned out to be the thief himself.

Ankush Shrish Sangoi, a Dubai-based businessman confessed to the Charkop police that he stole his wife’s diamond rings, Rolex watches and Rs 65 lakh.

30-year-old steals wife's jewellery, frames domestic help for theft
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Ankush and his wife, Sneha (28), married in January this year, and have been living in Mumbai since then.

On May 18, Ankush filed an FIR against Raju Dahiwala, his domestic help, of robbery after his wife found her jewellery missing.

A case was registered under section 381 (theft by clerk or servant of property in possession of master) of the IPC. Dahiwala, in his statement, said he had left Ankush’s flat at 7 pm that day and was unaware of what happened later.

He and his wife work in more than nine flats in the housing society and all vouched for their integrity.

Ankush, meanwhile, left for Dubai on May 20 and police searched his flat repeatedly and found that the three diamond rings, which had gone missing, used to be kept in the bedroom drawer.

The watches were kept in the safe, and the location of the keys was only known to the couple. That was when the police realised that this could not have been Dahiwala’s handiwork.

“A person of Dahiwala’s status will be more interested in cash and not jewellery,” said a police officer.

To pin down Ankush, his friends were questioned who revealed that he ran a financial company in Dubai and had suffered huge losses. He owed millions and arranged for loans time and again to return the same.

“We asked him to come to the police station as soon as he lands in Mumbai. He understood that his game was up, so he confessed right away that this whole thing was his plan. He also said that he wants to withdraw the complaint,” said an officer from the Charkop police station.

The police will however take a legal opinion before deciding the further course of action.

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