32-yr-old fulfills dead brother's aspiration of promoting road safety

Jan 13, 2014, 11:28 IST | Shashank Rao

This biker rode from Mumbai to Rajasthan to spread awareness on road safety a drive his elder brother had intended to undertake before he passed away last year

Even as the traffic department is going about creating awareness through the ongoing road safety week, a 32-year-old Mumbai resident concluded an epic ride to promote safety of riders. To honour his dead brother’s wish, Deepak Thorat rode his bike from Mumbai to Rajasthan, covering 2,600 kms in six days to spread awareness on road safety. His brother, Anand, passed away a year ago, at age 35. Before dying, he intended to ride across three states to promote road safety.

Deepak Thorat (right) and his friend Himanshu Sharma
Deepak Thorat (right) and his friend Himanshu Sharma

“Since his desire remained unrealised, I had to fulfill my brother’s dream of spreading awareness about road safety,” said Deepak, an IT manager by profession. He rode all the way to Rajasthan on his Bullet bike, days before the state government initiated the Road Safety fortnight. He, along with his friend Himanshu Sharma (28), who accompanied him on the ride, made stops at several places along the route, asking bikers to wear helmets while driving two-wheelers and adhere to other safety norms.

Deepak said that this is what his elder brother Anand wanted to do before he passed away due to prolonged illness. “Anand was a passionate rider and moderator of the Xtreme Bikers Club. It was his intention to ride and spread the message of safety, but he died last year,” said Deepak. Anand died due to a brain haemorrhage and other illness.

“He was a motivating person and an avid adventurer. I rode all the way to Rajasthan to pay tribute to him,” added Deepak. “We started our ride on December 21 and covered 2,600 kms in six days. As per the plan, we rode 500 to 600-kms a day. The route covered three states, making its way through major cities like Ahmedabad, Pali, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Longewala, the India–Pakistan border. We displayed placards and other posters highlighting the need to wear protective gear, including helmets,” said Deepak.

“The ride was extended to Longewala as respect to our soldiers who motivate us to be responsible human beings,” said Sharma. Sharma further said that their biker club has always promoted safety during riding and continues to guide and spread awareness. “We want to carry on this legacy of brotherhood and keep on riding in a bid to promote road safety,” said Sharma.

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