40% of footpaths encroached by illegal hawkers: Traffic dept

Aug 05, 2014, 02:15 IST | Anuj Ismail

According to a recent survey, maximum road accidents in the city are witnessed in areas that have hawkers blocking the footpaths, forcing pedestrians to walk on roads

Pune: In a recent survey by the traffic police department, it was revealed that more than 40 per cent of the footpaths is illegally encroached by hawkers in the city. Pedestrians are therefore, forced to walk on the roads, and many times end up as unfortunate victims of road accidents.

In the analysis of the survey, the traffic department has also provided a list of areas in Pune that witness maximum number of accidents and have illegal hawkers choking the footpaths and roads.

“Two months back we carried out a detailed survey of roads that witness maximum number of accidents in the city and the roads that complain of traffic snarls. We wanted to come up with a solution for it and therefore we were checking for the condition of the road, condition of footpath, traffic lights, zebra crossing, etc.” informed Vishwas Pandhare, deputy commissioner of police (traffic).

“We were surprised to know that around 40 per cent of the footpaths in the city is blocked by illegal hawkers that is one of the main reasons of road accidents and traffic snarls. The PMC should take serious action against these hawkers who are blocking path for pedestrians. Until then, there can be no solution to this issue,” he added.

The other side
Speaking to mid-day, Madhav Jagtap, head of anti-encroachment department of the PMC, said, “We are making a list of areas from where we get maximum complaints and will carry out a drive to remove illegal hawkers. While we have taken action against them from time to time, we need to come up with a permanent solution and ward officers of respective areas should ensure that after the drive hawkers don’t come back.”

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