409 men caught in women's coaches last month

Sep 09, 2013, 06:42 IST | Shashank Rao

Rail authorities say the substantial rise in the number of offences is owing to the festive season; ticketless travelling has also seen an increase with 2,513 cases registered till August this year

In the coming few days, trains, which are already bursting at the seams with lakhs of commuters, will see even more people travelling by trains owing to the Ganesha festival beginning today. People will travel from all over the city to the various pandals in order to catch a glimpse of the elephant god and join in the merriment. However, what comes with all of this is a substantial rise in the number of people travelling ticketless and men illegally travelling in the women’s compartments.

Despite numerous awareness drives, the number of men travelling in the women’s compartments has risen to  1,969 as compared to 1,406 in 2012. File pic

In August this year, the authorities have seen the highest number of cases of people travelling ticketless. Figures reveal that in August this year, 409 cases were registered against men travelling in women’s compartments as compared to 156 and 336 cases registered for the same offence in 2012 and 2011 respectively. Explaining the rise in the cases, a CR official said, “Normally, during festivals, a higher number of people travel without tickets, and even in the women’s compartment.

He added that it became even more difficult for them to nab the culprits during festivals owing to the big crowds, adding that during festivals, their main aim was to ensure smooth clearance of people from the railway station premises, rather than catching those traveling without tickets. Figures also show that in August this year, had the nighest number of offences whereas March had the lowest with just 111 cases being registered.

Figures revealed that till August this year, 1,969 people have been caught travelling in the women’s compartment, raking in fines amounting to Rs 3.76 lakh, which is a big jump compared to 2012 when 1,406 people were caught, raking in fines of Rs 3.53 lakh.

Ticketless travels
Similarly, the number of people being caught under Section 155 of Railway Protection Force (travelling without a valid ticket) has also increased this year. From 14,830 cases last year with fines amounting to Rs 27.19 lakh, the number has increased to 17,772 with Rs 31.13 lakh in fines. Officials add that many people, who are caught, feign ignorance about the compartment. “We have increased our vigilance and hence, so many offenders have been caught,” said Alok Bohra, senior divisional security commissioner (Mumbai), CR.

Fine collected

Rs 3.76 lakh
Fine collected from people caught travelling in ladies compartment (Jan-Aug 2013)

Rs 31.13 lakh
Fine collected from people caught travelling without ticket (Jan-Aug 2013)

No of people caught travelling without ticket (Jan-Aug 2013)

No of people caught for defacing the interiors of trains in August 2013


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