4th Jagran Film Festival: The long and short of it

Sep 27, 2013, 03:29 IST | The Hitlist Team

The best of the short films to look forward to during the festival

Belgian Psycho
Belgian Psycho
Duration: 8 minutes, 16 seconds
Director: Katia Olivier
Today is Emily's birthday. And how does a serial killer celebrate it ? By killing... a little bit more than usual. Beware of the sexiest, geekiest, serial killer of Belgium!

Whole 'Nother Level
Whole ‘Nother Level
Duration: 19 minutes, 27 seconds
Director: Bruce B Gordon
Randy Larson is a 20-year-old man with cerebral palsy who wants to pass the final dexterity test given to him by an occupational therapist. If he passes the test, he will qualify for job training and independent housing assistance. If not, his parents will be forced to put him in an institution.

Duration: 10 minutes
Director: Michele De Angelis
When a young woman is accidentally trapped between two doors, she soon realises her nightmare is only about to begin.

Golge Oyunu (Shadow Play)
Duration: 5.15 minutes
Director: Sinan Sertel
All the children want to play. Some of them don't get two.

Beneath the Surface
Beneath the Surface
UK/Hong Kong
Duration: 14 minutes
Director: Jody-Lan Castle
Hong Kong is dubbed Asia's World City. But though the city is multicultural, is the predominantly Chinese society tolerant of other cultures? The city of over 7 million has a 95 per cent ethnically Chinese population, but is also home to people from diverse ethnic backgrounds. In some cases the colour of one's skin or ethnic origin determines the way the society treats them, dictating whether they are offered equal educational and employment opportunities. Jody-Lan Castle travels to Hong Kong and explores whether the city is open-minded enough to call itself World City.

Becoming Lucy
Becoming Lucy
Duration: 19 minutes
Director: Jared Elin
Lucille Ball was always performing. But when a persistent interviewer presses the point, she lets down her guard and retells how she created her most iconic character, Lucy Ricardo. Revisiting memories of her career, Lucille recalls her failures as a young actress and model, and how they came to shape I Love Lucy. From film to radio to television, Lucille's struggles help her find her voice and ultimately to understand that an audience connects with characters not because of their charms, but also because of their flaws.

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