4th Jagran Film Festival: Watch out for these movies today

Sep 27, 2013, 03:59 IST | The Hitlist Team

All films to be screened at Fun Republic, Andheri (West)

71: Into the Fire
71: Into the Fire (South Korea)

Director: John H. Lee
Duration: 120 minutes
The film graphically tells the story of 71 student-soldiers who are desperately trying to protect a middle school during the early days of the Korean War in June 1950. It is based on a true story.

Keep Smiling (Georgia)
Director: Rusudan Chkonia
Runtime: 91 minutes
The film is about the dramatic events that develop at the beauty contest of mothers of many children. Ten mothers, five of whom belong to the poorest social layer, are out to win a beauty contest - the main prize of which is an apartment and US $ 25,000. Gradually the mothers realize that the competition is a complete farce. The media and organizers of the show abuse human tragedies of the participants: Georgian women, the Abkhazian war theme, patriotism etc. to entertain the audience.

Habi, the Foreigner (Argentina)
Director: Maria Florencia
Runtime: 92 minutes
Analía is 20-year-old girl from a small town in Argentina who travels to the city of Buenos Aires to distribute some crafts. She accidentally stumbles into a Muslim funeral. Disconcerted, she participates in the ritual and receives some of the deceased woman's belongings. Guided by her curiosity and desire, Analía begins to frequent a Mosque. She chooses the name "Habiba Rafat" and lives out new experiences. She gets a job at an Arab supermarket. With her friend Yasmín, she becomes part of the Islamic community and falls in love.

Nayagan (India)
Director: Mani Ratnam
Duration: 145 minutes
The protagonist kills the person who was the cause for his father’s death and escapes to Bombay. There, he is rescued by a kind-hearted Muslim fisherman who takes him into his home in the suburban slums of Dharavi. His foster-father is also a small-time smuggler known for his generosity in the slum.

Human (Japan)

Director: Guillaume Giovanetti
Runtime: 104 minutes
Long ago, the Fox and Raccoon made a bet: to take a human shape to steal the richness of a human being. Today, the CEO Mr Yoshino is under pressure to save his company from bankruptcy, until his mental state is challenged: is his life somehow linked to his legendary bet?

Today (France)
Director: Alain Gomis
Duration: 86 minutes
It happens sometimes, everyone kew that. How? No one could say exactly through experience perhaps. This is a place where death still sometimes warns that it is coming. It happens the day before, like a certitude that descends upon the bodies and minds of the one who has been chosen, and the people close to him. No doubting it, no fighting it. Today will be Satche’s last day.

Naked Harbour (Finland)
Director: Aku Louhimies
Duration: 123 minutes
A film about Finnish love in 2011, it is a story of people seeking love and approval at any cost. During one winter week all the characters in the film are faced with something irreversible. All the characters in the film are imperfect, weak and lost but they are driven by the same need to be loved, seen and touched. People do not see eye to eye and may hurt each other, but in the background hope resides. It is the story of six different persons.

Aayna Ka Bayna (India)
Director: Samit Kakkad
Duration: 94 minutes
Nine boys with a misspent childhood who are in a juvenile home run by a tyrant warden are ready to dance for passion, for hope and for their dreams to come true. They are impatient and all charged up to grab their share of what is theirs if they win the race of a lifetime. Exorcising their past demons, the 9 boys who society has written off, reach out for the stars.

Gaanje Ki Kali (India)
Director: Yogendra Choubey
Duration: 96 minutes
Based on a story by the late Amrita Pritam in the sixties, the film is about a harum-scarum girl Aghaniya. Her father forcibly marries her off to Rangilaal, who is her father's age. Aghaniya meets Panjabi huckster Hem Singh and falls in love with him, leaving Rangilaal. When the villagers question her, she asserts her right as a woman and the villagers give a decision in her favour. But a pregnant Aaghaniya later realises she has been cheated as Hem is already married. She now has to fend for herself.

Welcome to Dongmakgol (South Korea)
Director: Park Kwang Hyun
Duration: 133 minutes
During the Korean War, three fighting forces meet at Dongmakgol which is tucked away on a remote mountain. A US fighter pilot whose plane crashed in the mountains, three retreating North Korean soldiers, and two South Korean soldiers who are lost are charmed by the villagers. But US commanders believe there is a major North Korean military presence in the area and plan a devastating air strike and the soldiers decide to help the villagers.

Overture (Turkey)
Director: Alpgiray M Ugurlu
Duration: 90 minutes
Medical representative Atif lives with his permanently bedridden mother, Sultan. Nurse Hanife comes daily to look after Sultan and goes back when Atif comes at nights. One day, Atif receives a letter from his mother. He visits his sister and brother to talk about this letter but his struggles are in vain. Atif is uncertain about his mother's last will and he wants to think about it alone, but Hanife does not let him. At the end of the night, mother and son are all alone: the overture of Atif's life.

Kaagaz Ke Phool
Kaagaz Ke Phool (India)

Director: Guru Dutt
Duration: 153 minutes
A popular director recruits a new actress to work for his Movie. The popularity of the movie spills over to the already strained relationship between the Director and his in-law leading to ban in his access to his own daughter. Due to the emotional turmoils, the director falls from the height, while the actress who is now the queen of industry tries to bring him back into world.

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