5 must-read books when it pours

Jun 22, 2014, 06:26 IST | sunday-mid-day team

We recommend 5 must-reads that you can curl up with as it rains cats and dogs outside

The God of Small Things

1. The God of Small Things
The monsoons are splattered across Arundhati Roy’s novel. The book begins with Rahel returning home in Ayemenem in the rain. The rains are vital to the story and its characters — Velutha has a brown leaf marked on his back which makes the monsoons come on time. Sophie Mol’s dies because of the powerful currents of the river. This book heightens melancholy, but is very rewarding.

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It Rained All Night

2. It Rained All Night
It Rained All Night by Buddhadeva Bose revolves around Maloti, an attractive middle-class Bengali girl, who marries the bookish college lecturer, Nayonangshu only to find him insecure and sexually timid. She discovers passion in the arms of the earthy journalist Jayanto whose love gives her solace from the demands of her wifely duties.

Chasing the Monsoon

3. Chasing the Monsoon
This Alexander Frater’s novel, set in 1987 is a biographical account of Frater, well, chasing the monsoon. From witnessing the first showers in Trivandrum, Frater sets off on an expedition that follows the monsoon and takes him all over the country. Along the way, Frater observes how the rains affect the pulse of a city and its inhabitants.

Tears and Laughter

4. Tears and Laughter
This collection of prose and poems by Kahlil Gibran captures the beauty of the rains as it falls on mountains and valleys, embracing one and all. Song of the rain, one of the poems in Gibran’s collection of prose and poetry does just that. ‘I am the sigh of the sea, the laughter of the field, the tears in heaven’. What could be a better ode to the rains?

Rain in the Mountains

5. Rain in the Mountains
You don’t have to pack your bags and head to the mountains to be close to nature. Just pick up this collection of short stories, poems, notes and essays by Ruskin Bond and get transported to the mountains where there’s fresh air, light drizzles and greenery all around. A perfect book to pick up on a rainy day, in fact, any day.

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