50 pc Indian men unhappy with sexual performance

Published: 07 December, 2012 13:08 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent |

We are not saying it. An Asia Pacific survey conducted by Pfizer, is. The survey reveals how Indian men equate the quality of an erection to their ability to have good sex, which they think leads to a happy life. We spill the findings of this global sex study

Sex is an important part of all our lives. It helps release tension, is good exercise and makes us happy.

But we bet you didn't know that almost 50% of Indian men are not happy with their sexual performance, and in turn dissatisfied with their lives. The Asia-Pacific survey, conducted by Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals and Harris Interactive, has revealed that 1 out of 2 urban Indian men do not have Optimal Erection Hardness, and are hence, less satisfied with various aspects of sexual performance. Meanwhile, men with Optimal Erection Hardness share a more positive outlook in all aspects of life. We give you all the inside dope.

Sex and relationships, 50 pc Indian men unhappy with sexual performance

What is Optimal Erection Hardness?
The Erection Hardness Score (EHS), is a self-reported measure of grading erection hardness on a 4-point scoring system. Grade 1 covers larger but not hard erections, while Grade 2 erections are hard but not hard enough for penetration. Grade 3 erections are hard enough for penetration, but not completely hard, while Grade 4 is the measure of a fully rigid penis. Grade 4 is also a state of Optimal Erection Hardness. 

You can make sure you achieve Optimal Erection Hardness by:
>>Not drinking. Alcohol dulls the nerves between the penis and the brain, making it impossible for the brain to send chemical signals that tell the hormones to activate the blood flow to the penis. 
>>Distracting your mind. Enjoy the moment rather than trying too hard. 
>>Exercising. Exercise ensures blood flow, and hence, harder erections.

Dr Rupin Shah Consultant Andrologist, Lilavati Hospital
The study is applicable to most men. The quality and stiffness of an erection gives a man confidence. We always talk about things such as emotions and foreplay, but ignore erection. For a man, an erection is a sign of his manhood and makes him feel more attractive. It increases his self worth.
But I don't think it's as important to a woman. Women are more drawn to the emotional aspects of sexual intercourse.

Prakash Kothari Sexologist
It is not only the erection, but overall sexual performance that an Indian man is worried about. A man can achieve sexual satisfaction with a partial erection too. It can be aided with the help of the woman's hand. A woman will face no problem in achieving orgasm with a partial erection. But foreplay is very important.

Bedroom secrets of the Indian male
>>Less than Optimal Erection Hardness is more common in men over 40.
>>One third of men under 40 have less than optimal erection.
>>Indian men rank "maintaining erection during intercourse" and "hardness of erection" as the top two factors determining a man's sexual performance.
>>63% of men with optimal erections feel good about life, compared to 36% men with sub-optimal erections.
>>Only 29% men with sub-optimal erections feel good about their relationships.
>>Over 20% men with optimal erections are completely satisfied with their overall physical heath.

>>57% men are not satisfied with sex.
>>Greater satisfaction with sex is associated with satisfaction in life.
>>Greater satisfaction with erection hardness is linked to greater satisfaction with sex.
>>Men with sub-optimal erections have sex less often, are less satisfied, and are less positive about life.

Women and Sex
In India, sex ranks 7 out of 17 priorities for a man. But for a woman, it ranked much lower at 14.

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