56,000 girls dropped out from schools in one year

Jan 03, 2014, 12:30 IST | A Correspondent

As per the state government’s data, the total number of dropouts stands at 86,000 for the academic year 2012-13

If data available with the government is to be believed, then 86,000 children in the state are outside schools. Out of these, 56,000 are girls. At present, 2.28 crore children are enrolled in 1.03 lakh schools across the state. 

“This is data for year 2012-13. Statistics for the current academic year are yet to be generated. Number of school dropouts is 86,000 in the state,” Mahaveer Mane, state education director (Primary) said. “

Outside school children means those who have enrolled in school a few years ago, but due to some reason or the other dropped out midway.”

Three years ago (2009-10), the number of outside school children was 2.35 lakh. Most of the time children dropped out because of nomadic work pattern of their parents.

Asked what efforts was government taking to get these children back into the schools, Mane said, “Every year in Jan-Feb, teachers and principal of every school make a door to door survey of their area and generate the report for the number of students that can be enrolled for the upcoming academic year.”

Surprisingly, 1,900 posts of primary teachers are still vacant in the state.

“The number would further increase as per the new pupil teacher ratio (PTR) of one teacher per 30 students, which state recently implemented under the RTE. But even going by the old ratio of one teacher per 40 students, state needs 1,900 new teachers,” Mane informed.u 2.28 crore: Number of schoolchildren in the state

>> 1.03 lakh: Number of schools in the state

>> 1,900: Number of primary teachers required



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