5th Jagran Film Festival: Films to watch on Day 6

Sep 27, 2014, 07:20 IST | The Hitlist Team

We tell you which films to catch on day six of the Jagran Film Festival

The Gambler
Director: Ignas Jonyas
Lowdown: A darkly cynical portrait of human greed, this Lithuanian film has been nominated for the foreign-language category at next year’s Oscars. Set in a hospital ambulance station, a passionate gambler comes up with a radical idea to settle his debts.
Time: 11am

How to Describe a Cloud
Director: David Verbeek
Lowdown: A young woman in Taipei is confronted with the blindness of her mother who is convinced she has a sixth sense. Shot with little facilities, but it is Verbeek’s most mature film about uprooting, spirituality and modernity.
Time: 2.30pm

No Thank You
Director: Samuli Valkama
Lowdown: This 95-minute-long Finnish feature film centres around Heli, whose husband is impervious to her charms, preferring computer games to her company. She then meets Jarno, an attractive young man who pays her the attention she craves.
Time: 3.30pm

Director: Imtiaz Ali
Lowdown: This film is about a girl who finds herself through a road journey. It is based on a television episode of the same name; it was part of a television anthology series called Rishtey, starring Aditya Srivastava and Kartika Rane. Imtiaz Ali has directed both the episode and this film.
Time: 6pm

The Last Executioner
Director: Tom Waller

The Last Executioner
The Last Executioner

Lowdown: A wild rock-and-roller who dreamed of making it big, Chavoret Jaruboon takes up a “respectable” job to support the family he loves; it’s a job that will see him use a machine gun to shoot 55 people through the heart.
Time: 9pm

Director: Bimal Roy


Lowdown: A romance between a Brahmin young man and an untouchable woman, the film espouses Dr Ambedkar’s fight against untouchability.
Time: 11.30am

Narbachi Wadi
Director: Aditya Sarpotdar
Lowdown: Adapted from a famous play, this Marathi feature film is set in 1946 in a village in Konkan. The movie revolves around a middle-aged villager and his relationship with a grove he works on. By the end of the film, the film’s message addressing human greed is clear.
Time: 2pm

Director: Hemanta Kumar
Lowdown: Unlike the name suggests, the film is not an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello. It revolves around a few lonely individuals in today’s present urban society who feel lost in the hazy maze of politics, terrorism, love and hate.
Time: 4.30pm

A Rainy Day
Director: Rajendra Talak
Lowdown: It is said that behind every successful man there is a woman. But what about a corrupt man? How far is a woman responsible when it comes to a man’s greed? Can a woman stop her husband from being corrupt? It’s the story of a go-getter, an achiever.
Time: 7pm

Director: Sandeep Varma
Lowdown: After passing out from the IIM, Manjunath joins an oil company and is posted in a remote district. He eventually goes missing. His friends, who know and work with him, panic, because they know that in the days before he went missing, he was very disturbed.
Time: 9pm

Block 12
Director: Kyriacos Tofarides
Lowdown: This Greek film is based on the issue of how big powers manipulate the resources and people of the country. A political, allegorical comedy with plenty of surrealism, social satire and magical realism, this film is driven by the human need to dream.
Time: 11.15am

Michael Kohlhaas
Director: Arnaud des Pallières

Michael Kohlhaas
Michael Kohlhaas

Lowdown: During the 16th-century, a horse dealer purchases new horses and intends to bring them home. But when he has to pass a border, a part of his property is taken away from him on the behest of a greedy local nobleman.
When his legal protest proves futile, the situation escalates and Kohlhaas turns into a lawless desperado.
Time: 2pm

Director: Sanjay Puran Singh


Lowdown: An Indian kickboxer defeats a Pakistani kickboxer in an international tournament. But the event ends in a tragedy due to the Pakistani players’ intemperance. The peace process between the two nations take a beating because of this.
Time: 7.30pm

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