6 gadgets that women would love to have

Mar 23, 2014, 06:14 IST | Harpreet Kaur Sapra

Here's what to buy on your next trip abroad for your squeaky white teeth, flawless skin and voluminous mane

We all love our perfectly manicured hands, silky hair and squeaky clean skin. But, on a trip, there’s no time to step into the salon and undergo treatments.

The solution to this is really simple — if you cannot go to the salon, get the salon to you. So on your next trip abroad pick up a few gadgets that will give you that salon treatment at home.

While some of the gadgets are for women only, we don’t see why the metrosexual male won’t fancy a few:

Glo brilliant teeth whitening system
It’s said that a smile increases the value of your face and your smile is only as good as the set of teeth it displays. GLO stands for Guided Light Optic technology, which uses LED light to whiten your teeth. The set contains a closed system mouthpiece with strategically placed heat resistors and LED lights. The whitening gel is activated with the heat produced from the LED light, giving faster results. The pre-timed eight-minute session results in teeth which are whiter and a smile that is bigger. It can be charged over the USB, making it perfect for travelling, too.
Available on Amazon and in medical stores @ US$ 199

Resc-hue t water purification system
Most of us are born with a great mane of hair which becomes dull and lifeless due to chlorine and minerals in the water. Resc-Hue T uses carbonised coconut shells to cleanse the water of the heavy minerals and chlorine, offering water that is almost free of minerals, chlorine and harmful volatile organic compounds. This water is friendly to the hair and skin, thus giving them a renewed shine and texture. The system gets easily fitted onto your existing water dispensing taps and requires only minimal installation. It comes with its own built-in showerhead with adjustable massage settings and refillable filter that lasts up to six months on a single fill.
Available on Amazon and in-store @ $120

Tria hair removal laser 4x 
The weekly threading, the monthly waxing and bleaching can be a tiresome task. Consider Tria Hair Removal Laser, an FDA-approved laser for home use. It uses the same diode laser technology that is used by dermatologists. The laser helps in permanently disabling the hair follicle, thus reducing and eventually finishing the hair growth of the area it is used on. To use, you simply have to set it up according to the skin tone, the area it has to be used on and the level you want to zap with. The device is said to cause a slight tingling feeling on the skin, which eventually disappears.
(Available on amazon.com or in-store in the malls @ US $380 onwards)

Satin smooth nail profiler
Don't we all love perfectly clean nails? Satin Smooth is a compact set of professional manicure/pedicure kit that comes with a cord/cordless option and various changeable heads for cleaning, shaping and buffing nails. The nifty case carries an attachment for cleaning brush, three emery cylinders for different levels of finesse and a couple of nail buffers.
Available on ebay, amazon and Walmart @ US$ 35

Tanda acne clearing blue light
Acne is a part and parcel of our growing up years, but a bad case of it can cause permanent scars on the face. Blue light therapy is a non-invasive system that features a Blue light LED beam that kills over 80 per cent of the acne-causing bacteria, which in turn, eliminates the current bout of acne and prevents a future outbreak. It also helps in reducing the existing acne scarring on the skin, leaving the skin looking cleaner and
Available on ebay, amazon and in-store in the malls @ US$ 112

Zeno line rewind — anti ageing device
Though ageing cannot be stopped, with technology it can surely be delayed. Zeno Line Rewind attacks the fine lines and wrinkles in three ways — heat, vibration and Red Light technology, leaving the skin smoother and younger. The device comes with a serum enriched with antioxidants and peptide complex that help smooth away fine lines. So, all you have to do is apply the serum, heat the machine and move it gently in a circular motion on your skin.
Available on ebay, amazon and Walmart @ US$ 38

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