7 apps that can help keep your love life on track

Apr 13, 2014, 10:21 IST | Harpreet Kaur Sapra

You are always on the go, multitasking and constantly travelling for work — are your relationships taking a backseat? Here are ways to stay connected to your partner, privately

Your schedule is gruelling and time passes you by at work. That, however, doesn’t mean you don’t want to reach out to your loved one and connect, and we don’t mean sending flying kisses on Facebook for the world to see.

Love apps

Here are a few apps that let you privately tell the person you love that you are thinking of him/her, share common calendars so you could coordinate where you both want to be that evening, and give a virtual hug or kiss to let your partner know you miss them:

COUPLE (IOS, Android)

Couple lets you send private messages, videos and pictures. You could make shared calendars and lists, and send out your current location using the GPS. There are a variety of ‘Stickers’ to express your moods and emotions, and it even lets the couple sketch together in real time or play games from thousands of miles away, giving that feeling of shared fun. You can also send private photos which disappear after a fixed time or get slotted into a ‘Moments’ section, so you can view them later. You can ‘ThumbKiss’ your partner, wherein you both have to touch the same spot on your respective phones to make them vibrate simultaneously. Couple even lets you make calls or Facetime with your partner with
the app.


The makers of this app believe in keeping relations interesting. It makes a game out of the relationship, literally, and keeps the two on their toes. The app gives you tips and reminders for special things to do. You both are asked to select aspects of the relationship that are most important to you and then you can see where the other person stands. You earn ‘Kudos’ from your partner for doing sweet things for them and you can fill your ‘Love Tank’ with the ‘Kudos’ or earn ‘Digital Love Coupons’. You could also chat, share pictures and calendars.

AVOCADO (IOS, Android, Web)

Avocado offers private chat settings, thus allowing the two users to exchange pictures, messages and videos in a secured location. You can add personal emoticons and archive the milestones in your relationship, such as your anniversaries. It even has the ability to ‘hug’ and ‘kiss’. The app asks you to hold the phone to your lips or your heart and it vibrates your partner’s phone in reaction, letting the other person know that you are thinking of them. You can also have shared lists for things to do and common calendars to schedule appointments and those precious holidays. It even uses your phone’s GPS settings to tell your partner your current location.

BETWEEN (IOS, Android, Web)

This is one of the oldest and most widely used app among couples. It provides a private platform for chat between two people with specially designed stickers and stamps that help you express your feelings better. It lets you create a shared memoir out of your pictures and intimate moments. It also has a shared calendar to remind you of your partner’s schedule, appointments and make plans for dates or travel. Between also sends your partner weather updates of the city you are currently in, virtually letting them experience the weather you see around yourself there.

KINDU (IOS, Android, Web)

At times, it is the most difficult thing to talk about what you want from your partner sexually. Kindu is a great app for exploring your sexuality with your partner. It has over 600 examples of ‘turn ons’, role plays and sexual activities. Both partners have to privately answer ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ to the questions. The app then reveals the matches you share with your partner, while keeping your different opinions a secret. It provides a safe base for you to discuss your sexual desires and fantasies with your partner.

TOKII (IOS, Android, Web)

Relationships would be simpler if you knew what you partner is feeling or thinking. Tokii gives couples an interactive platform designed to enrich their relationship through games, quizzes and trading. You can express yourself by ‘setting your mood’ for your partner to see and adjust his/hers accordingly. There are a set of 250 ‘Discovery Games’ that cover topics such as politics, sports, foods, sex and so on, which could help you know your partner better. The app even lets you ‘profile’ your partner through quizzes and determine how they like to be loved. And, finally it has a ‘trading post’ where you can negotiate what you want from each other. You can create your own trading ideas or choose from the 800 ideas built into the app.

FIX A FIGHT (IOS, Android, Web)

Fights are a part of every relationship, but if left unresolved, even a small issue can lead to conflict between a couple. Fix a Fight lets you key in your moods and help your partner know what you are feeling. It even lets you define the intensity of your feelings (‘irritated’, ‘hurt’, ‘enraged’) to know exactly where you come from. After the couple has put in their feelings, the app finds ways to resolve the issues and provides them with tips. After going through this ‘counselling’, you again rate your feelings and the app tries to help dissipate the negative feelings. The couple is then encouraged to pick something to do together. The app even records the entire process to remind you of the previous negotiations and insights gained along
the way.

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