8 burglaries in one night at Karve Rd office building

Feb 14, 2014, 06:41 IST |

Cops said the complex doesn’t have any CCTV cams, or any security guards

Eight offices in Ganesh Chambers, located on Karve Road, were found burgled yesterday morning. Rs 28,000 in cash had been stolen by the unidentified perpetrators. Interestingly, the building neither has any CCTV cameras installed, nor any security guards, said police.

Pramod Digambar Hardikar, owner of Hardikar Typewriting Institute, has lodged a complaint in this regard at Deccan police station.

One-night stand! Unidentified men burgled eight offices at Ganesh Chambers on Tuesday night. An employee of the Hardikar Typewriting Institute showing the cupboard from which cash was stolen. Pics/Mohan Patil

According to his statement, the incident took place between 7.30 pm on Wednesday and 7.45 am on Thursday.Our office maid Pushpa Valunj came to the office around 7.45 am and found the door open with its latch broken. She immediately informed me and I came over. After checking all the rooms, I noticed that the housebreakers had stolen Rs 23,000 from my table drawer and cupboard.”

“After that I also saw the door of Novatex Systems’ office broken. Rs 5,000 was stolen from the office belonging to Jitendra Balkrushna Gayal (48) of Kothrud. Similarly, six other offices were also found burgled, but fortunately the perpetrators got nothing from these offices,” Hardikar said.

The investigating officer from Deccan police station, sub-inspector Sunil Sonawane said, “The building does not have any CCTV cameras. There are no security guards on the premises. We are investigating thoroughly and will soon nab the suspects.

Bizman looted of Rs 1.75 lakh

In another incident, an unidentified man broke open the flat of Manaji Rajesh Palande (45), a businessman from Parvati, on Wednesday night. The culprits decamped with Rs 1.75 lakh in cash. Sub-inspector Kesarkar from Dattawadi police station is investigating the case.

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