999 Emergency Breakfast: You may die if you manage to finish it

Apr 29, 2014, 14:55 IST | Agencies

The gigantic meal containing a whopping 4,000 calories that includes nine sausages, nine fried eggs, nine rashers, two tins of baked beans, two hash browns, mushrooms, tinned tomatoesand buttered toast

London: This humongous meal contains a whopping 4,000 calories — double the daily calorie intake for a woman and seven times more calorific than a fried breakfast. The monster fry-up was created by chefs at the Double Barrel Real Steak and Grill in Rotherham, South Yorks, and is being sold for £14.99.


Floor manager Sarah Bird, 33, said of the epic meal: “We called it the 999 Emergency Breakfast so customers knew who to call if they ever completed it. “You’ll definitely have to call 999 if you do. There must be enough calories in there to feed a family for a week.”

The breakfast has only been on the menu for three months and unlike other challenges the restaurant offers, this one has no time limit to it. Sarah explained: “We just let people go for it... The closest they have come is they have left some beans and tomatoes.

“At the minute there is no need to put a time limit on it because nobody has completed it... Once people start to complete it we will make it a proper challenge like the rest of our challenges.” The prize for winning is more food, in the form of dessert and a pint of beer, though most people would not have much more room to tuck them away.

The diner opened its doors in 2013 and has a range of Man Vs Food style challenges, the most popular being the 21-day matured 72 Oz steak challenge which has left 300 challengers £45 poorer because they failed to eat it within an hour.

Monster platter
The breakfast includes: Nine sausages, nine fried eggs, nine rashers of bacon, two tins of baked beans, two hash browns, a portion of mushrooms, a portion of tinned tomatoes and a helping of buttered toast.

Number of calories the 999 packs

Price of the monster meal (approx Rs 1,500)

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