A belly good idea, this!

Sep 12, 2012, 06:30 IST | Dhara Vora

Now, ordering in bulk for house parties and family get-togethers gets easier with the launch of a new online food catering service, Bombay Belly

Planning a party but you haven’t managed time well enough to cook for big numbers? Worse, the neighbouring restaurant’s food rates have hit the roof and you’re on a budget. Life just got easier for such case studies. All one needs to do is log on to order food by the kilo, on the newest e-commerce site for takeaways, Bombay Belly.

Conceptualised by 45-year-old Gautam Gupta, Bombay Belly specialises in home-delivering Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian food by the kilo. Gupta, who was based in Hong Kong had to return to the city after being impressed by its burgeoning e-commerce sector. “I was toying with the concept of starting an e commerce company.

When I came back I noticed that whenever we tried to make plans for an evening out, people would invite us to a dinner at home rather than going out for a meal, because of rising costs and early deadlines on nightlife spots. So, we decided to work around the culture of house parties in the city and start an online home catering service that would cut out the rent costs and help us serve quality food at low costs,” he explains. Gupta feels that people in the city don’t mind paying for good products online since it helps save a lot of time.

By the kilo
Run by a five-member team, Bombay Belly’s speciality is serving food by the kilo, for which they have a menu, which currently comprises of 15 dishes. Non-vegetarians benefit from this menu, while there are three options for veggies. The menu mostly comprises of different versions of biryani such as Chicken Tikka Dum Biryani, Mutton Dum Biryani and crowd favourite, Butter Chicken. Their kitchen is based in Malad, but they offer to deliver across the city, with extra delivery charges. We tried their speciality, Chicken Dum Biryani, served at `800 per kilo, which we thought was expensive but Gupta informed us that they go by one kilo of uncooked rice to which other ingredients and chicken are added, hence the final quantity adds up to nearly 2 kilos, that can serve a group of eight at least. We were sold.

The Chicken Dum Biryani was low on oil and high on flavour

As for our biryani, despite the fact that it was delivered to our office in Parel from Malad, the food was still hot, due to their special thermal packing. We suggest that you request them to deliver just before you are ready to feast, and you wont have to re-heat it. The balance of spicing and flavour in our biryani was perfect, and the rice was not drowning in oil, as in most takeaway options. The generous amounts chicken pieces were cooked to perfection. It made for light, happy soul food on a dull September afternoon.

Catering cuisines
Apart from serving by the kilo, Bombay Belly also offers catering services for four cuisines — Indian, Chinese, Thai and Mexican. They also have a Lick a Spoon section that offers desserts, dips, salads and soups. The menu of each cuisine is exhaustive with equal number of vegetarian options.

Order now
For per kilo orders, one needs to call at least 24 hours before the delivery time. They don’t have a minimum order policy for this service. For catering, a minimum order for a group of 30 is required.

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