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Jul 18, 2013, 10:43 IST | Hassan M Kamal

The new updated Google Maps, offers plenty of new features including 3D and offline maps; plus, a better coverage of nearby attractions, but still no street view for Indian cities

Google seems to be on a mission to revamp its official apps. First it was GTalk now replaced by Hangout, then Gmail, and now a new version of the Google Maps. So, what’s different? Let’s take a look.

The new Google Maps allow you to save a map for offline use

To start with, and perhaps, the biggest change, is that now, you can save a map on your SD card. No need to worry about extreme data charges, each time you move from one area to the other. But that’s not it. The updates include a 3D view on map directions’ list, and an easy access to nearby cafés, ATMs, restaurants etc. Great, isn’t it?

We loved their 3D maps, which give a real perspective of an area, and direction to head from your current location. Unfortunately, though, there were very few buildings, which one could view on 3D.

Currently, it also offers Latitude, which allows you to spot the location of friends and family members around you; however, this feature will be removed on August 9. The nearby attractions’ feature works great, and allows you to arrange cafés, restaurants, hotels etc, based on proximity as well as user reviews (it uses Google Plus as a source of information). The new Google Maps works well, but unlike what the website mentions, there is no five-point rating system in India, yet.

We were also disappointed with the unavailability of some of the features like Explore, indoor maps and street view that were promoted as a major highlight. Now, considering Google India has constantly been talking about partnering with Indian businesses, shouldn’t it been favourable to include at least the Indian metros in the list?

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