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May 31, 2013, 05:14 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Mumbai-based band Tough on Tobacco are launching their second album Big Big Joke and they are raring to enthrall Punekars with their repertoire of Pop, Reggae and Rock sounds

Tough on Tobacco, a humour-tinged Pop-Rock-Reggae band from Mumbai, is coming to the city to launch their latest album, Big Big Joke. The band features Sidd Coutto (vocals), Gaurav Gupta (guitar), Niranjan ‘Pozy’ Dhar (lead guitar), Johan Pais (bass) and Jai Row Kavi (drums).

Their music is a blend of various genres and will regale Punekars at the launch of their album Big Big Joke at The High Spirits this Friday.

The Tough On Tobacco Vintage tour poster features the band members and has gained a lot of popularity on the Internet

Talking about the band’s inception, bassist Pais says, “All of us have been playing for different bands for many years. Then Jai Row Kavi and I came together and were followed by others to form the band in 2009.

After our first outing with the album Happy Goat, we are now coming out with this album. It features a mix of 8 songs from all genres like Pop, Rock and Reggae.”

Bassist Johan Pais

Their present album is a two-part album and interestingly, they are releasing the second part of the album earlier while the first part will be released later this year.

The latest vintage poster of the band has also become quite popular on the internet. Quiz Pais and he says, “Though humorous, the poster has nothing to do with the songs in the album, as they are all about serious music; it depicts the mood of our band.

We are all fun guys who like to perform for young crowds. We are looking forward to our performance in the city as Pune is known for its young and enthusiastic crowds.”

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