A bite into Carter Road's best at Andheri

Jan 13, 2014, 10:08 IST | Kanika Sharma

Carter's Blue is a favoured haunt for shawarmas at the famous Carter (snacking) Road. As Andheri was greeted with an outpost of this popular Bandra eatery, we settled down to munch and let our stomachs swell and smack

Carter's Blue Food: delicious
Service: attentive
Ambiance: vibrant

Andheri’s New Link Road is definitely loading on the chic quotient as Carter’s Blue — the happening joint of Carter Road throbbed right next door to the recently refurbished movie complex. Finishing one of Scorsese’s best, we pranced to the neighbour and decided to sate our carnal appetites at the Mughlai and Lebanese restaurant.

Mutton Nihari is cooked to perfection and is great to have in nippy weather. Pics/Atul Kamble

Known for its neon signage, the Andheri branch has a wooden al fresco dining area and an inside seating that ideally invites families. Unlike it’s seaward joint that has most munching on their feet, we were glad to get a snug table for two.

We glanced upon the unusual -- Pesto Hummus with Pita Bread (Rs 150) and Mutton Sheesh Touk (Rs 260). Prompt service and yappy diners kept us engaged as well-plated appetisers marked their place in our comfort eat list. The former is light and meaningfully flavoured for pesto flavour in hummus did taste good. Latter mollifies in mouth with a gush of flavour. We had to recheck if this melt-in-the-mouth chunk could be mutton after all!

Hungry appetites devoured the Nalli Nihari in Mutton (Rs 320) and Paneer Makhanwala (Rs 190) next. Our bread for the day was Garlic Naan Butter (Rs 50). The thing about gob-smacking food is perfect temperature, smooth delivery of techniques and a swirl of acidity to excite the taste buds. Exactly what the Nalli Nihari did for us, especially the flour-based gravy’s viscosity that has to be rewarding if the Nihari is in question.

The paneer dish was heavy, creamy and sinful, and bang on in flavour. A challenge that Mughlai food faces in the city is striking a balance with spices, creaminess and acidity. Carter’s Blue, as we like to place our dime, easily comes off as one of the best. A great place and moderate price with no frou-frou vibe, the place has earned to be the family go-to in our food bible.

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