A black thong or stilettos? What turns men on?

Sep 13, 2012, 13:24 IST | A Correspondent

A recent online survey , asking men to pick an accessory that turned them on, the most. The options:

>>Black thong
>>High stilettos
>>Pierced belly
>>Red lace bra
>>Knee high leather boots

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Almost 6,500 men voted
45% men picked red lace bra
22% men picked black thong
8% of men picked stilettos
12% men picked belly piercing
13% men picked leather boots

Prakash Kothari, Sexologist
Anything that excites the special senses sight, sound, taste, smell and touch will help increase sexual arousal. Accessories and perfume are aphrodisiacs that prepare men for sex.

After living together for 8-10 years, monotony and dullness are bound to set in to a relationship. There is need to add variety, so that the charm of the relationship doesn't wane.

Props help design a fantasy, which is more colourful than real life. They help "sexual grounding", which is perceiving stimuli input as sexual, leading to better arousal.

One must remember that sexuality lies between the two ears, and not between the legs. In other words, desire is driven by the mind. But it should be based on the common consensus of both partners, never forced upon. The biggest problem in India is that there is no communication between partners, and people don't know about each other's desires.

Ameeta Sanghavi Shah, Relationship Expert
When a woman wears sexy lingerie, especially for her man, her lover feels that the woman is going all out to convey her love, desire, and that makes him feel good.

For men, sex is a visual act, and hence, accessories are a major turn-on. They help enhance appearance and add to the mystery of the woman.
Sometimes, men want to be a part of the "in" crowd so, if everyone is doing it, they have to do it too.

Open Bras
Open bras provide support and lift, as well as a great deal of exposure. You can get it in a colour that you like, with lace or an embellishment.

Sexy panty sets
Get sexy lace panties in vibrant colours.

Bustiers and corsets
Want to look like a 1940s pin-up girl? A bustier can be an excellent choice, since it enhances your figure. You can also opt for a corset.

Kishore Banan,Audio Engineer

I think stilettos make the cut for me, especially really high ones. A woman looks taller, thinner and very confident. But, women should know how to walk in them, otherwise, the charm is lost.

Harshad K, Translator
Black leather boots

I think women look great in knee-high, black leather boots. A woman who sports boots, is in touch with her own desires. Plus, I have a fetish for the cowboy image. The aggressive and savage look means she is not afraid of expressing herself.

Clifford Mascarenhas
Employed with a shipping company

Stilettos, when paired with a sexy, short skirt, are a real turn on. They make a girl's legs look longer, while lending her confidence and grace. Her poised frame is what makes her look sexy.

Akhil Seth, CEO, White Lillies
Belly piercing

If a woman has a toned, flat stomach, a belly piercing can look very sexy, especially when worn with a pair of low-waist jeans. It has the "bad girl" appeal. 

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