A boxful for gluttons

May 07, 2013, 08:28 IST | Ruchika Kher

With a view to tap the vast corporate presence in the area, Lower Parel's newly-opened Meal Box Cafe focusses more on food and doorstep deliveries than the ambiance of the restaurant

With a name like Meal Box Café, we decided to decode the hype behind the ‘box’ and re-routed the tasting session with takeaways. As we entered the space, which was not expansive and had a couple of tables and chairs thrown in, we realised that it was still decently done-up with bright and colourful graphic posters of bikes and even a Vespa.

Basa with Lemon Caper Sauce was tender and a delight with every bite. Pics/ Rane Ashish

Still, it isn’t exactly a place where you would want to spend evenings mainly because of the limited area outside. Considering that they told us that they can deliver where we wanted them to, we believe even the owners have somewhat made peace with the idea. Additionally, their tagline — We like to get carried away with food — somewhere hints at the same.

Korean Chilli Potato are a must-have owing to their lip-smacking flavours

After gulping down a chilled Fresh Lime Soda (Rs 75) and regaining our energy, we starting dissecting the menu, which had a mix of Thai, European and Chinese fare. Since, we wanted a takeaway, we ordered all our choices at the same time, which included Smoked Shredded Chicken (Rs 150), Korean Chilli Potatoes (Rs 145), Cream Cheese Vegetarian Pasta (Rs 150) and Basa and Lemon Caper Sauce (Rs 225).

Despite ordering four dishes at once, our order was ready before we even checked the time. Back at work, the first thing we did was to check the boxes (after all, the whole exercise was done for them). The effort to use sturdier grey colour boxes with transparent tops quite impressed us.

Coming to the food, we started with the Korean Chilli Potato, which were potato dumplings sautéed in Korean spices and were neither flaming nor bland. The potatoes managed to strike the right balance and made for a great vegetarian starter. Next in line was the Smoked Shredded Chicken, which was no less appetising but somehow couldn’t match the potatoes. The shredded chicken tossed with bell peppers, dark soy and spring leaves could have been better.

However, the Basa was a runaway hit. Without falling into the overcooked trap that most restaurants fall into, we were left salivating over the lovely balance of flavours where the original juices and texture of the fish were retained in its preparation — our vote for a perfectly light summer meal goes to this dish. Served with a lemon caper sauce, mashed potatoes and veggies, this pan-grilled dish added to the yum factor.

Finally, we shifted attention to the ignored Vegetarian Pasta, but to our delight, that too was scrumptious. The creamy penne dish, made in white sauce, didn’t have an overdose of veggies and had a balance of salt and herbs.

Overall, the experience left us nothing less than satiated and we have pinned the menu on our workstation for more of such food sojourns.

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