A candid chat with members of The Koniac Net

Apr 24, 2014, 08:20 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Set for their second EP release today, the Indie Rock band, The Koniac Net plans to attract fans across India and the world

The Koniac Net is a result of its founder and lead vocalist David Abraham’s insatiable desire to write and create music, and take it to newer places. Abraham, who also doubles up as the band’s manager has a plan laid out for the band, one that aims at world domination with its music. 

And the plan seems to have worked; nearly two years after the online release of their first EP, One Last Monsoon, The Koniac Net is set to release its second EP, Abiogenesis at a live gig in the city, today. The five tracks in the EP were released online in February, but it’s only now that the band is releasing the EP in a physical format. “Physical CDs cost money, and we had to wait till we had enough funds. The album has extra graphic works, contributed by fans and friends,” he says.

David Abraham (centre) with the members of the band The Koniac Net

Led and managed by Abraham (lead vocals and guitar), the band features some popular names like music engineer and guitarist Jason D’Souza (guitar and vocals), Ishaan Krishna (guitar and vocals), Adil Kurwa (bass) and Karun Kannampilly (drums).

Abiogenesis is The Koniac Net’s first collective work as a band where all the five members have contributed in the writing and music departments. If One Last Monsoon was relaxing, fans will find Abiogenesis veering towards Grunge.

“The new EP is a bit hardcore compared to our first album as the songs touch sub genres like Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Grunge,” informs Abraham. This is largely because One Last Monsoon was released before the band’s current line-up existed: “This line-up was been working well for the last two years. Each of us has put their imagination into Abiogenesis. I hope we continue playing together,” he says.

“If we had released it abroad, we wouldn’t be concerned about the response. But Indie music is nascent here, and we want Indian audiences to listen to us. Once we get their attention, our music will get harder,” he explains.

Abraham doubles up as the band’s manager as well, a role he’s keen to keep. “I want to take the band to a certain point; not just in India, but internationally. I have been doing it for two-and-a-half years. With my knowledge of music, I can communicate about our sound, which a manager from outside might not be able to do,” he maintains.

The band’s isn’t looking at being signed by an Indian music label. “None of them are trying to get Indian bands to play in the UK or US. I am working hard for us to be signed by a Canadian or UK label; hopefully, it should work out soon,” he adds.

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