A carnival of workshops

May 26, 2014, 10:25 IST | The Guide Team

Enroll your kid for a 10-day-long summer workshop fiesta that will teach them how to be a radio jockey or a clown

Summer holidays can prove to be a bit of a stretch for both parents and children. Once the out-station trip is done, how does one keep the little people entertained without having them turn into gadget zombies? One of the easiest solutions is to enroll them in a summer workshop. 

Choosing one though is a far from easy task. Nisha Sahni, mother of a seven-year-old says that she is totally fed up of the mundane speech and drama and painting workshops. “I am looking for something exciting,” she said.

Earlier this year, in January, Kahani Karnival, a not-for-profit trust hosted a festival of stories for children at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya. Though the organisation is a little over a year old, they will now expand the festival’s connect with summer workshops from June 2 to 13.

Rakhi Prasad, co-founder of Kahani Karnival, said that the idea of hosting the workshops developed because they wanted to carry the story-telling vision forward. “We were very lucky to get a fantastic bunch of conductors to facilitate the workshops,” she said.

The event includes nine workshops across 10 days. This will include a book club and writing workshop by author Shabnam Minwalla; art and ideas with Madhumita Srivastava; a theatre workshop by actor director Sujay Saple; Indian Classical music by The Sound Space as well as dance and life skills with Mirabelle D’Cunha. There’s also a clowning session with actor Puja Sarup, shadow puppetry with Sananda Mukhopadhayaya and learning to be an RJ with
Suren Sundaram.

Dates June 2 to 13 AT Smaaash, Lower Parel.
Call 33488177/8767094063
Email kahanikarnival@gmail.com

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