A chair for every desire!

Feb 17, 2013, 11:17 IST | Phorum Dalal

Always wanted a funky chair or a table that fits snugly in that corner? A brand new e-store offers bespoke furniture pieces that owe their origin to faerie folklore, whimsical ideas and miniatures

Ever wondered how it feels to sit in a chair that is seven feet tall? Well, with the new e-store, Tigerlilybyaparna.com, such fantasies are likely to come true. And if the name has got you curious, it’s Peter-Pan inspired. “She’s the Red Indian princess in the fairy tale,” says 35-year-old Aparna Sahay, founder of the e-store that offers furniture pieces and bespoke spaces.

A perched parrot and poppies (below) make for quirky focal points in a room

After working on an animated television series as creative producer, Sahay, who has a Masters degree in design for children spaces and education management, started creating eight collections of furniture pieces in 2011. “After over a year of research and hard work, I have 22 pieces. I will be exhibiting them in Delhi next week,” says an excited Sahay, adding that the online store will also offer home makeovers and turnkey solutions for homes and offices.

Her collection of chairs is intriguing. A perched parrot in vibrant colours, a peacock and the miniature of Kremlin’s cathedral make the backrest. “Each chair is larger than life. The pieces make for focal points in a room. But not everything is so vibrant. I also have furniture in mahagony for buyers who
like subtle collections,” explains Sahay.

Take a seat
There’s a Nizaam collection with a gilded gold and silver finish. It has a photo frame on the outside of the backrest. While the pieces will range between Rs 55,000 and Rs 1.5 lakh, Sahay stresses she has not yet worked on the pricing.

Sahay follows an ethical practice while working with her carpenters. “It is a known fact that the carvers and workers are underpaid. I believe they are the ones that bring a designer’s fantasy to life and I pay them what they deserve,” she concludes. 

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