A chat with Poets of the Fall

Oct 14, 2014, 08:43 IST | Dhara Vora

Three questions with Marko Saaresto, the lead singer of Finnish Rock band Poets of the Fall

Q. Could you tell us about what went into making your new album, Jealous Gods.
A. It's like a crush; writing an album, which then turns into an actual relationship with the music and the work, only more relaxed. Of course, the deadlines towards the end of the journey create some unnecessary stress, but we've done so many albums until now that we all know these things belong to the process. This time, we collaborated with other professionals who helped us mix the album, so we released some of our need for control, which is always good, if you can still get the result you want. All in all, Jealous Gods turned out far better than I hoped for.

Marko Saaresto (third from left) with members of Poets of the Fall
Marko Saaresto (third from left) with members of Poets of the Fall

Q. What has your musical journey been like throughout these albums?
A. It has been very educational and very enjoyable for the most part too. Music has opened for us such vivid imaginary landscapes in the real world that we never knew existed until we broke the surface and dared to dive into its pulsating depths. There have been moments of doubt and exhaustion along the way. So these moments; big or small, such as the wonderful shows or attraction to new music, have become very meaningful to us.

Jealous Gods, Poets of the Fall, Universal, Rs 395Jealous Gods, Poets of the Fall, Universal, Rs 395. Available at leading music stores.

Q. Where does your biggest fanbase come from?
A. I'm sure India tops the charts; we also have a huge fan base in Russia, followed by the rest of Europe. North and South America are also showing a mushrooming fanbase.

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