A child of nature

Apr 13, 2012, 06:32 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

Like many others, Purab Kohli too believes that we need to conserve the environment for our future generations.

The actor-TV host shares his passion for nature with CS:

Down memory lane
My father once took me up for a walk on a hill, something we did a lot while I grew up, and asked me how I felt. The breathtaking view of the lake below and the hills made me feel happy and serene at the same time. He then asked me the reason behind this feeling. I said it was the sheer beauty of the setting. He then said, “One feels calm and peaceful as Nature does not react to you”. If one spends enough time with nature, one cannot help but become one with it.

Eco-friendly ideas
We are born into this environment and we need it to survive. If we don’t take care, it will cease to exist, and with it all of us. Our desire of wanting more is detrimental to the nature. If we use resources judiciously and remind ourselves that others need them too, most of the problem will be solved.

If I had the money and power…
I think I would invest in developing self-sustaining smaller units of societies. I once met a couple in Coorg, who lives on their own 300-acre forest land with with animals. They are off the government grid. They make their own power and food. The government should promote such things.

Incredible India!
India’s a vast and diverse country. The scenery changes every 200 kms. If one starts exploring now, a lifetime won’t be enough. Thankfully, my travel shows have let me see many places. 

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