A colourful start to learning

Jan 09, 2014, 10:41 IST |

Last year RNAF (ROUBLE NAGI ART FOUNDATION) held over 30 art camps in India. Students from slums and other schools participated in these camps

The objective of these art camps was to give the underprivileged children an equal platform to interact with other children of the society.

These children tend remain disengaged from mainstream education as their studies are disrupted due to various reasons. While some are withdrawn from schools, the rest just avoid going to school. These camps held at municipal schools, balwadis and patshalas encourage children not to skip school and consider learning as a fun experience.

A step ahead in children education

In the last six years, RNAF has demonstrated that in a caring and creative environment, even the most problematic child can be taught through art. Held at Carter Road Bandra, the art camp had more than 320 children participating in it. They were supported by celebrities like Salman Khan, Wasim Akram, Sohail Khan, Zayed Khan, Aaditya Thackeray, Baba Siddiqui,Raj Thackeray, just to name a few.

The art camps that started in 2006 with 300 children has grown to over 4,600 children in 2014. Soon, it is expected to grow up to one lakh children. The camps will be starting shortly for this year too. The artworks created by these children will be auctioned at selected cities in India and abroad. The exhibitions are centered around empowering dreams and transforming lives.

Underprivileged children painting their dreams

Handicapped artists and children have been a part of the past exhibitions and the foundation plans to promote them in the future as well.

This year, there are plans to start art camps and classes in rural India to introduce kids to fun learning. An additional art curriculum is being planned, which would encourage them to attend school regularly. As an organisation, RNAF believes in the right to education and the fact that an equal opportunity is needed for social, political and economic equality.

The youth in India makes up to 34 per cent of the total population. The future of any nation depends on the quality of youth. India’s youth is a powerhouse of infinite energy and it’s essential to direct their energy in constructive activities that lead to development and progress.

In that regard, it’s essential to educate the underprivileged and help in developing creative children. RNAF is dedicated to care, welfare education and rehabilitation of underprivileged children. Equality and not charity is its mantra.  


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