A contemporary take on classics

Jul 27, 2012, 09:33 IST | Soma Das

While most solo exhibitions focus on the works of a single artist Sakshi Gallery is hosting Two Solos:

Lee Hayan. Sabir Ali, which is a two-person mini-solo show where the artworks of Lee Hayan (an artist from South Korea, based in Baroda) and Sabir Ali (based in Santiniketan) will be juxtaposed due to their common link.

Lamp of the East by Sabir Ali

Both the artists revisit classics in music and literature and borrow from their rich imagery to create unique contemporary renditions and multiple narratives in the process. In the process what emerges is a new set of meanings and readings that reference our contemporary society, looking at it through a classical prism.

Hayan’s images focus on new age fables which are inspired by his own childhood memories of story-telling. Ali’s images revolve around the unreality of the modern world and the harshiya, the ornate border or mount that enclosed many of the miniatures from the Mughal Period, recurs in their modern avatar in Ali’s acrylics.

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