A day at the races

Sep 05, 2011, 07:50 IST | Gauri Shah

The Guide lets you in on the essential style essentials this season at the races. Here's what to wear, what to never be caught dead in, and where to head on a shopping spree

The Guide lets you in on the essential style essentials this season at the races. Here's what to wear, what to never be caught dead in, and where to head on a shopping spree

It's no secret that the races and fashion go hand-in-hand. Which also means that you now have legitimate reason to go on a shopping spree without raising too many eyebrows about your dwindling savings, as you're ostensibly updating your look and wardrobe for the upcoming season. Here's our guide to help you look your best at the races.

Shop Stops
> Pick up dresses or fancy tops at any of the several malls in the city. Most brands will stock something that appeals to your taste. In Orbit, Phoenix and Central are options.
> For funky or unconventional styles, standalone designer boutiques are your best bet. For a B-Town glam look, stop by Rudraksh, where the staff will happily help you make a selection.
> Want something just for the races, but are unsure about whether you will be able to carry it off afterwards? Consider dropping by Just Casuals, En Clothe and Clover Centre for budget-friendly options. Go prepared to rummage!
> For formal accessories, including hats, drop by the Koregoan boutiques. They may, however; require a month's notice.
> Bags and shoes are accessories that you shouldn't compromise on, in terms of quality, even if that means shelling out more moolah. Bag and Baggage in Wonderland, Sagar Arcade on FC Road or Babe on MG Road are options.
> Save money on trinkets and hair accessories by scouring the tiny street kiosks on FC Road and Main Street for bargains.

For the fellas
> Jeans or trousers are your best bet. Steer clear of bermudas and cargo pants.
> A collared shirt is a must: Either full or half-sleeves. Choose from stripes, checks or self-colours, just make sure you tuck your shirt in and don't leave creased ends hanging out.
> Few things make a man look as hip as a blazer. Get one in green or grey with big buttons and pocket trimmings. Take it off, if it gets too hot.
> Glares are something that everyone can show off. So, rest those shades on the back of the bridge of your nose for a clear view.
> Sport a smooth hairstyle. This tip works especially well with the women.
> Give jewellery a shot, it won't make you a 'lesser man'. A nice pair of cufflinks or plain platinum rings spells, 'dapper'.
> Remember to splash on lemony cologne. Even good ol' Old Spice works well.

The Fillies Flaunt... 
> A summer dress is the best choice. The length varies, but mid-thigh is optimal.
> If your monthly parlour visit is long overdue and you can't bare those well-toned calves, opt for a chic, well-fitted tunic and bright leggings. Forego plain black ones.
> Those who can't let go of their jeans, team them with a dressy top (maybe a tube or a floral). Don't forget the big, attention-grabbing belt.
> Shoes seal the deal, so you have to go with heels. This is the perfect time to bring out those six-inch stilettos.
> Hats! The races are the only event you can carry off a hat without seeming pretentious.
> Remember, it's a day event, so don't over-do the make-up. Basic eyeliner or kajal, coloured mascara and gloss should do the trick. Steer clear of heavy foundation.
> If you want to go desi, steer clear of the salwar kameez and opt for a chiffon/net saree instead.
>  Glares are big. Fish out your flashiest pair, as this is the place to flaunt them.

Ditch these...
> Avoid the big day tote. Carry your essentials in a day clutch/designer wallet.
> Don't wear flats, it's the perfect way to ruin your ensemble. Heels are the way to go.
> This isn't the F1 in Milan, so no hot shorts or micro-minis. Besides, it's just tacky!
> Limit yourself to one chunky neckpiece, stone-cut dangler or a bold kada. Remember, you're not a bride.
And Gentlemen
> Leave the shorts and bermudas behind, as you won't be allowed to enter the racecourse otherwise.
> Hawaiian shirts are something most men hold close to their hearts, but please keep these away from the races.
> Floaters might be comfortable, but you're better of slipping into your close-toed shoes. Preferably nice Italian leather. Choose white, red or blue over regular black and brown.
> The messy, just-out-of-bed look is out. Brush your hair or use a comb.
> Mind your BO. You will be in close proximity to other people, so splash on a good cologne and make sure you smell pretty.

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