A Diwali to remember

Oct 24, 2014, 02:30 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

The children of the female convicts at Yerwada jail will get to celebrate a special Diwali thanks to the efforts of the police officers who are trying to ensure they enjoy a memorable celebration

The festival of lights or Diwali celebrates the victory of goodness and light over the forces of darkness. And Yerwada jail believes that everyone is entitled to celebrate; towards this end they are ensuring the children of the female inmates at the jail also get to partake of the festivities.

Children at Yerwada jail will enjoy special festivities
Children at Yerwada jail will enjoy special festivities. Representative Pic

Yogesh Desai, superintendent of women’s jail at Yerwada, says, “This year, we have eight kids in the jail who are below eight years of age. Two of them are just 4-5 years old. These kids get really excited when we do such activities for them. There is a school on the premises where they are also taught the significance of Diwali.”

The festival is characterised by an exchange of food and gifts; accordingly, the children will also be presented with new clothes. They will also get to make mud forts called Shivaji killas and draw rangolis with their mothers.

Desai adds that they will make lanterns with the help of the kids as well. “The children enjoy making mud forts. They will initially decorate the school with their lantern and eventually decorate the jail with it,” he adds.

Senior jailer Pallavi Kadam emphasises that the children are entitled to a celebration: “The kids are innocent; they are here only because their mother had committed a crime. So, we want them not to lose their rights to enjoy the festival.”

The process of celebrating Diwali with the children started more than five years ago but every year there is something new that is tried out to entertain the kids. The functions here will go on till October 25.

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