A fashionable treat for Beyonce

Sep 04, 2014, 06:44 IST | Dhara Vora

On singer Beyonce's birthday, we invite four designers to share their ideas on how to dress up the Pop diva

Nikhil ThampiNikhil Thampi
It would be exciting to dress up someone like Beyonce. I would like to see her in a sari, but with a quirky edge. So, my black and gold sari with the Kathakali dance motif on the pleats would work as the colours would complement her skin tone. If its Western wear then I’d choose my rib cutout blazer paired with high waisted shorts for one of her performances.

Singer Beyonce
Singer Beyonce ruling the stage during one of her performances. Pic/Getty Images

Shruti Sancheti  Shruti Sancheti
Keeping in mind the kind of designs I work with, I would love to see her dressed in Indian textiles, styled in a global sense. Vibrant colours such as burgundy, oxblood, jewel tones or teal would look lovely on her. While the fabrics and craftsmanship can be Indian, the accessories and hair styling should be international.

Tanya Sharma  Tanya Sharma
Beyonce would look great in a sporty look. From my designs, I would love to see her in a green and pink Bandhani sweatshirt paired with bum shorts and cool shoes. She has a great body, so, if I had to design something new, I would create a fitted T-shirt dress that’s loose on top and fitted at the bottom to give her a ghetto, sporty-glam look.

Ragini Ahuji  Ragini Ahuja
I would love to give her an edgy look, true to her style. So, leather applique with metal studs, and traditionally done Shibori style of tie-and-dye in lovely shades of blue and indigo. It should be a good mix of two worlds.

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