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Jan 23, 2015, 06:01 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

Word comes in that after the tremendous success of his film 'pk', Aamir Khan has decided to reward himself with a much-needed holiday

Word comes in that after the tremendous success of his film 'pk', Aamir Khan has decided to reward himself with a much-needed holiday.

"He's decided to take a long holiday with his family in Argentina. He's been working non-stop since 'Dhoom 3', 'Satyamev Jayate' and 'pk', and he will soon spend a month away doing what he loves best; watching movies, resting and catching up with his loved ones," said a source.

Aamir Khan with Kiran Rao
Aamir Khan with Kiran Rao

But it's not all play for the superstar. What might come as a surprise to many is that Khan, who is the only one from Bollywood's Holy Trinity of Khans to be nominated for a Filmfare Best Actor this year, is expected to start working on his next project on his return; could this mean that he will, after all, have a release this year?

Next question: will Aamir grace the award ceremony after all those years of rubbishing it?

Record-breaking rendezvous
"I launched the website officially at the end of November 2012," says Simi about her website, which recently celebrated its record-breaking achievement of crossing 20,215,611 views last week.

Simi Garewal
Simi Garewal

"I wrote and designed each page it took 4 months," says the actress and TV personality, famous for teasing the most deeply-lodged secrets out of stars. "My sister Amrita asked me 'With all the work you are putting in how many views do you hope to get?' I replied, 'Two or three lakhs would be great!' But it's almost 10 lakhs per month!" she exclaims.

"There are remote countries and islands I was unaware of that are visiting my site and watching my shows! From Svalbard and Jan Mayen to Papua New Guinea!"

Incidentally, out of the bouquet of offerings from the site, including her biographies on Rajiv Gandhi and Raj Kapoor, her eponymous Rendezvous with Simi Garewal has had the maximum views with the rendezvous with Saif and Amrita leading the list!

Good news for city gastronomes
Though we've heard that negotiations have been on for almost a year, our source confirms that celebrated Chef Manish Mehrotra's Indian Accent will soon open its doors in Mumbai at The Four Seasons Hotel in Worli.

Manish Mehrotra. Pic/Twitter
Manish Mehrotra. Pic/Twitter

"Yes, we're in talks with them. But the deal has not been signed yet," said an unusually tense Rohit Khattar, Accent's moving spirit, who we caught on a taxiing plane yesterday evening. As any foodie worth his Gucchi mushroom khichdi will tell you, The Indian Accent housed in Khattar's The Manor hotel in Delhi has become one of the capital's most celebrated and sought after eateries.

Zoravar Kalra
Zoravar Kalra

And that's not the only gastronomical whoopee coming Mumbai's way. Though there have been no confirmations, our source informs that only a few small details are left to be ironed out for Zoravar (Masala Library) Kalra's hugely successful Delhi-based molecular café 'Farzi' to be launched in midtown Mumbai.

And if that wasn't enough to keep the city's melting pot from boiling over, there's yet another celebrated Indian molecular chef from outside its shores, who is said to have plans to bring his signature restaurant to the city! Forks and Spoons to the alert.

Ranbir's tweet trouble
Some stars 'get' social media. They use it to clarify misleading rumours about themselves, share interesting details and pictures, and above all, engage with their fans.

Ranbir Kapoor
Ranbir Kapoor

Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan both Bollywood champions on Twitter have amassed humongous followers and have created vastly popular virtual personae. But after his recent debacle-it is clear that for all Ranbir Kapoor's immense talent and attractiveness, this is not a talent that he possesses.

Here's the plot: Kapoor, who has always confessed to being shy and hence has eschewed social media, took his fans by surprise this Tuesday by debuting on Twitter with the handle @Ranbirka6000r. His uncharacteristic candour subsequently on the micro-blogging site quickly ratcheted up 30,000 followers and 'Welcome Ranbir Kapoor' was trending on the social medium.

But the tweets got more and more er ... peculiar and it soon appeared that the star was sounding... different. Until oh woe! oh shame! A few hours later the truth dawned: it hadn't been Ranbir Kapoor at all but in fact a silly marketing campaign by a mobile company to promote its new phone using the star's popularity.

Dismay turned to anger when a big fat cheque was alleged to have exchanged hands. And what made the outrage of his fans vastly outpace that which Malaika and Arbaaz were meted when they agreed to a somewhat similar ill-advised venture some years ago, was the ultimate insult: his Twitter handle name was changed to the product's brand name! As they say on Twitter, it was an #epicfail.

And even as two of the planet's most celebrated schmooze fests will unspool this week in Jaipur and Davos, our attention is drawn to the latter where leaders of State, Masters of the Universe and sexy black hip-hop stars with 'Will' in their names will confabulate.

However, one preternaturally posh Parsi voice of dissent belonging to a hitherto habitual visitor was overheard in Mumbai over the weekend dissing Davos. "It's become a jamboree," said the defector, alluding that the BIG Boys annual bash was now more for the hoi-polloi. Mercifully, such snobbiness hasn't caught up with Jaipo' so far.

Mumbai Local star
We doff our hat to Sanjana Kapoor who has been something of an agent provocateur when it comes to promoting the cause of theatre.

Sanjana Kapoor Utkarsh Mazumdar
Sanjana Kapoor and Utkarsh Mazumdar

This evening, her Mumbai Local will feature actor, singer and director Utkarsh Mazumdar, whose work in English, Hindi and Gujarati theatre over four decades has captivated audiences and who will be elucidating on the world of Gujarati musical theatre, from the older Bhang Wadi style to more modern expressions at the Somaiya School.


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