A fun, casual space for snacks in Lower Parel

Jun 30, 2014, 08:41 IST | Ruchika Kher

Roller Buns Cafe is a casual eatery with all the pegs to make it a popular hangout, thanks to its vibe and most importantly, for its lip-smacking food

Roller Buns Cafe
Food: Tasty
Service: Quick
Ambiance: Casual

One evening, famished after work and in search for pocket-friendly fare, we landed up  in the bylanes of Mathuradas Mills Compound where we stumbled upon Roller Buns Café, a tiny eatery with a quaint setting and a welcoming vibe.

Cheese Blast burger
The Cheese Blast burger was delicious with a chunky chicken patty. Pics/ Emmanual Karbhari

The two-table space, which has a couple of more seating options thrown in around the corners and an open kitchen, is exactly the kind of place you would want to spend your time at, immersed in conversations without worrying about the bill.

The place has few seating options with walls painted with pictures of the likes of Jim Morrison
The place has few seating options with walls painted with pictures of the likes of Jim Morrison

Roller Buns Café’s menu is displayed on a blackboard; it doesn’t offer individual menus as of now. Soon, we made up our mind, and zeroed in on our picks from the basic menu that offers a mix of burgers, salads, fries and sandwiches. We ordered for a Cheesy Blast Chicken Burger (Rs 110), Mushroom Cheese Sandwich (Rs 70) and a Caramalised Banana Pancake (Rs 100).

Go bananas with this pancake
Go bananas with this pancake

We were keen to sip on a beverage, and wished to indulge in fries too but since the eatery is trying to create a footing, these two choices from the work-in-progress menu were over by the time we reached there. “We began barely a month back. I’m still working on certain things before this place becomes fully workable,” admits 22-year-old Rohan Khilare, who started this space with Priyanka Surekha.


Citing it as teething issues, we decided to concentrate on the graffiti that saluted rebel icons Jim Morrison and Che Guevara as they stared back at us from the walls; soon enough, the food arrived, and we were ready to dive in. The burger was a mouthful. The chunky patty, lettuce and tangy sauce, made it a delight. Similar was the case with the sandwich, which tasted home-cooked, and was stuffed with mushrooms and cheese. On the other hand, the pancakes, with a generous dollop of cream and banana slices, made for a perfectly sweet end to our gastronomic journey.

At: Mathuradas Mills Compound, M Joshi Marg, Lower Parel.
Call: 9920252952

Roller Buns Cafe didn't know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.

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