A good judge of art

Sep 25, 2012, 09:47 IST | Shakti Shetty

It's difficult to stay unaffected by Kirron Kher's charm. She's warm and doesn't mince words but at the same time, there is laughter in her voice.

The actress who is part of India’s Got Talent on Colors is the only one on the show’s panel to be retained from its first season. In a candid chat with CS, she speaks her small screen ambitions and much more.

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Bringing sari back!
I’ve been wearing saris forever but yes, I sincerely wish that more women start wearing them again. Also, I only wear woven saris from Benares and Kanjivaram, not the embroidered ones that earn lacs for a fashion designer. The reason is very simple. It’s an economic boost for the weavers of India. But more importantly, it’s a small effort on my part to contribute to an indigenous skill that needs to be supported in every way possible. We’ll be poorer as a nation if our weaving art form dies.

Cultural touch
India is blessed with varied traditions and it can be witnessed in its folk art forms as well as in the colour of the region. But the modernity is infused in their act. It’s an amazing blend. I always look forward to the outstanding talents from the small centres of the country. These are the kind of people who actually have something new to deliver but are somehow not provided the platform to showcase it. There are unusually brilliant people and I feel so moved by them. They make you prouder of your country.

Changing years
Every year and every single season is different. Experiences are different too. The energy on the judging table is very positive and full of fun. Karan is an old friend of mine. We are family friends so we interact often. I’ve also worked in his film. He’s very entertaining, full of life. I’m very comfortable with Malaika. I’ve always admired her beauty and her dancing skills.

No bias
I love the modern forms but yes, I respect the traditional acts more. It’s just about how talented these people are in what they have chosen to do. What about the people who are in gymnastics? What’s so traditional about them? I still admire them and root for them.

Happy on the panel
To me, it’s not a challenge. It’s more of a pleasure. And you can make that out when you see me on screen. I don’t think deeply and just listen to my heart. It’s only what I feel about the act at that very moment.

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