A healthy diet is just a call away

Apr 18, 2013, 04:56 IST | Hassan M Kamal

As summer kicks in and clean, hygienic diet options become a must. Now, you don't have to gouge the city to find a healthy eatery or dietician.

Just call Dial a Diet — the on-the-phone health food catering service that offers healthy lunch boxes (with calorie measurements) at an unbeatable price. The menu at Dial a Diet health food service, offers three lunch options — medium calorie lunch box (Rs 125), low calorie lunch box (Rs 115) and salad and soup box (Rs 75).

Dial a Diet delivers with the help of Mumbai’s dabbawalas

Before you make any assumptions about the quantity of the food considering how controlling most healthy diet options are, here is the thing, calorie control is not approached by quantity but by the type of food item.

The food is cooked in rice bran or olive oil, chapattis are made from multi-grain atta, and the items are carefully planned so that the lunch box encompasses every essential nutrient required by the human body. The lunch boxes are also available in twenty-meal monthly packs at `2,700 for the medium calorie lunch box. The items are delivered to your house / office by the reliable dabbawalas, and unlike when they launched initially, the price now includes delivery charges as well.

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