A hoot for the nocturnal tippler

Jun 17, 2013, 07:46 IST | Dhara Vora

Lower Parel's post work jaded professionals have a new place to grab a drink � The White Owl Brewery and Bistro. But if you want to soar high, your pockets need to go deep

“Most of what an owl is, is what we see in our patrons -- wisdom, mystery, transition, intelligence, mysticism, protection and secrets,” claims Kunjan Chikhlikar, Co-founder, The White Owl, Brewery and Bistro.

Giant bubble lights and mirror-top tables light up the interiors

That’s a lot to expect from their visitors, so, we too, went to this new brewery-cum-bistro with high expectations. Right now, one can only make do with cocktails until the brewery becomes operational.

No complains though, our orders left us happy. Our polite attendant suggested we order a Socialista (vodka, pomegranate and mint juice, Rs 475) and a Biddy (whisky, triple sec, egg whites and orange chunks, Rs 595) for our male companion. To accompany our drinks, we ordered Devilled Eggs (Rs 325) and Jalapeno Cheese Dumplings (Rs 295).

We loved the pepper and butter-flavoured Rawas

As we waited for our order, we noticed how the space was filling in fast with their target group -- formally-dressed corporates -- who settled nicely into White Owl’s wooden chairs, with lights that appeared to be blowing a bubble over them, hung above.

The interiors comprise of several other curious objects such as a cycle hung on the wall, mirror-top tables and an industrial-looking ceiling (we are tired of seeing this element in eateries).

The Devilled Eggs made for a good entree. Pics/Madeeha Attari

Our food and drinks arrived looking delicious and they tasted so too. Both the alcohol concoctions were mixed well making the ingredients do a synchronised jig with the alcohol in our mouths.

The dumplings posed a surprise, as they weren’t the dough coated, steamed ones but crisp crusted; mouth melting, nonetheless. The Devilled Eggs, which were served with a creamy scallion flavoured filling made for a good finger food option too.

The Jazz music playing in the background and our good culinary start ‘egged’ us onwards as we ordered our main course of Pepper-Crusted Rawas (Rs 525) and Olive Tapenade Gnocchi (Rs 375).

The chef played well with the combined flavours of green pepper and butter to complement the delicate texture of the fish. Confusingly, the olive-based tapenade of the Gnocchi was low on flavour and the tomato-ey flavour completely overpowered the dish.

The Dark Chocolate and Nougat Slice pastry served with Warm Espresso Sauce (Rs 215) did not plate up as good is it read on the menu. A swirl of espresso-flavoured cream made for the mentioned espresso sauce and the nougat slice was just a tiny, hard chikki-like piece that served as a decoration on the top.

If your intelligence (as the owners expect the patrons to be blessed with) has rewarded you with handsome pockets (we paid 700 just for the taxes), The White Owl, with its charming interiors and overall flavoursome food, makes for a good evening out. We would save up for a few months and visit again for the craft beers with hopes high as their ceiling.

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