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Feb 05, 2014, 22:36 IST | Soma Das

Bengaluru-based comedian Sundeep Rao will have you in splits with his new comic act — Out of Sight

Out of Sight is Bengaluru-based comedian Sundeep Rao’s maiden performance in the city. During the act, the partially visual impaired artiste will talk about his experiences and observations.

Bengaluru-based comedian Sundeep Rao, who is partially visual impaired, is set to perform at Canvas Laugh Factory. He took to stand-up comedy in 2010 and has been a professional comic since 2012. He was also the co-founder of SNAP!, Bengaluru’s longest running comedy night.

Sundeep Rao
Sundeep Rao

Explaining what drew him to comedy, Rao says, “Comedy gave me a stage where I can express myself. I can actually go out there and say what I feel, talk about what I think. Also it gives me a lot of attention.”

Talking about his journey as a comedian, he admits that there have been ups and downs. “But I have always been comfortable on stage. From being a comic who never spoke about the lack of his sight on stage, I’ve now become a comic who talks only about it! It became a part of my routine. It not only makes me comfortable but also makes me confident,” he adds.

Rao also reminisces about how people don't often believe that he is visually impaired. At times, he has even had people question him after his act on whether he is actually partially blind.

His latest act, titled Out of Sight, will talk about his experience, observations, his journey, as a kid, a boy and a man. “I talk about India and Indian people from a partially blind persons point of view,” he sums up.

On February 5, 8.30 pm
At Canvas Laugh Factory, Lower Parel.
Cost Rs 400
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