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Aug 28, 2014, 06:15 IST | Juili Eklahare

The play, Darling Hamna Nahi! is premiering in Pune on Sunday. the guide gives you the dekko

It all starts with a fur shop where three amusing characters: Firoze Madon, Nawaz Madon and Eruch Kavarana, are partners. With the addition of some more interesting people, you get the Parsi-Irani humorous play, Darling Hamna Nahi! The play will be staged in the city for the first time this Sunday to mark the 25th anniversary of the production house, Centre Stage Productions.

Darling Hamna Nahi
The rehearsals of the play

With a cast of nine people, the play is ready to bring the audiences some laughter and lots of surprises. “We are excited to be performing in Pune where the audiences love comedy and prefer to see the funny side in a story,” says Roshan Tirandaz, director and actor in the play. “We have done two shows up till now and are extremely excited for the next one here.” The play, which is nearly 25 years old, has four of its original artistes. One of them will be playing two different characters in the play. Interestingly, the whole team happens to be Parsi.

The plot revolves around the fur shop Madon Madon & Kavarana Furries and the characters involved with it such as Firoze who likes to mix business with pleasure, and Eruch who is one of the strongest pillars at the fur shop. Then there is the company’s loyal secretary, Miss Tinaz Marker.

Tirandaz asserts, “The Pune audience is a happy–go-lucky one. Usually Parsi plays are performed on the New Year, but we are ecstatic for our performance in the city. I wouldn’t say Parsi theatre is uphill, but it isn’t downhill either. The future of such plays is a wonderful one.”

On: August 31, 5.30 onwards
At: Nehru Memorial Hall, Camp.

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