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Published: Nov 02, 2011, 10:32 IST | Manami Mallick

Funk will collide with Classical once again at Kyra today as the six-month-old band Lagori is all set to present five new songs

Funk will collide with Classical once again at Kyra today as the six-month-old band Lagori is all set to present five new songs

Shashank Venkataramana sang for a Hindi band, Shalini Mohan played bass for a funk band and Geeth Vaz plays guitar for a rock3 band. The three came together along with Edie(Edward Rasquinha) and Vinyl Kumar to form a band using elements of different genres.

Lagori, the five-member band, came into existence in May, 2011 and the band has already composed eight tracks hoping to escalate the number to 15 by the end of the year. "We have already recorded  Aasma, Jeene Do and Ni Re Sa, and we want to do more," said vocalist Shashank, a trained classical musician.

Since 2006, Shashank has been singing with his college friends forming the Hindi band, Ek. Six months ago, he got together with Geeth and Edie blending their ideas and perspectives to create a kind of music that was unique.
"So much is happening in the music world. There is hardly any scope for creating new genres, so we try to make our music sound different by mixing various elements," says Shashank.

The band has just stepped into the arena of live performance with one in Mumbai, which was more of a recorded show and the second on in Kyra, Bangalore three weeks ago.

"All our songs have influences of Hindustani, Soul, Funk, Rock, Metal and Blues. Some are heavy on Metal, some have more of Hindustani traits in them," explains Geeth, who also plays guitar for the rock band Fahrenheit.

As for naming their band after a game that originated right here in Karnataka Geeth says, "In the game Lagori you need to arrange seven stones and hit it with a ball. Seven has been a lucky number for us, so we chose the name Lagori. The name is very catchy. People have either loved it or hated it."

Lagori will soon record five new songs and like every new band, it's hoping to perform live more often.

Where Kyra Restaurant,
2001 Kaatima Centre, 100 feet road
On November 2, 8pm
Call 9632203333
For R 200

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