A mobile game on the Ramayana

Aug 06, 2014, 08:01 IST | Kanika Sharma

It was only but time that a game on the Indian epic, Ramayana would be launched. Rama Force is one such that offers two different gaming genres to players on their mobiles

Indian mythology is getting a technological makeover through the strategic game, Rama Force that releases today for an array of technological platforms — iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. Giving the classic epic of Ramayana an interesting twist, Dream Games is launching the game where ‘casual gamers’ can fill those vacant time up to one and a half hours and is free for download for the first three levels.

Rama force
Here, it’s one of the war levels of the game, which shows the time when lord Rama constructed the bridge to cross over to Sri Lanka

Umang Mathur, head of marketing, Dream Games, explains why the grand narrative was chosen for the game, “The acquittal of Sita from Ravana was an adventurous task for Shri Rama. This task was achieved by the strategic formation of activities, which were goal-oriented. The concept of Ramayana was chosen because it is about Indian mythology and the whole purpose is to connect to the Ramayana in the form of a playable game.”

The game, Rama Force
The game, Rama Force

Mathur asserts that the combination of two different game genres — farming (first two levels) and waging wars (in the other four levels). Conceiving the game as an ambitious project, the Indian company has its eyes on the global market and at its initial stage they have focussed on the most popular and known part of the epic. Built on 2.5d isometric engine, the game hopes to educate the ‘new generation of gamers’ in Mathur’s words.

Keeping this aspect aside, one can look forward to “the game starting off from one genre of leisure to strategic planning. Whether the player wants to create or destroy, using the resource point or taking it back depends on him/her,” he says. Also given the rich stock of characters the epic has in store, special attention has been given to etch each in their context and make them impressive to the player. With the promise of high-quality sound effects and graphics that took a year to design, Mathur signs off saying that it’ll be a one-of-a-kind experience.

Available at: Play Store. 
Cost: Rs 100 approximately (for the last 3 levels)

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