A month after results, HSC students still wait for copies of answer sheets

Jul 02, 2014, 06:43 IST | Shreya Bhandary

Students who had applied for re-assessment of their answer books are yet to receive photocopies, even as the admission process to degree colleges has concluded; results were declared on June 2

It has been a month since the Maharashtra State Board for Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) released the HSC results but till date, students are waiting to get a photocopy of their answer sheets. With degree admissions almost over, students are angry that they haven’t got their re-assessed marks in time to apply to college and courses of their choice.

While results were declared a month back, HSC students still haven’t got photocopies of their answer sheets, causing them a potential seat in a better college. File pic
While results were declared a month back, HSC students still haven’t got photocopies of their answer sheets, causing them a potential seat in a better college. File pic

“My daughter applied for photocopies of three HSC subjects, and till date, she has not received the copies yet. When will she send her paper for re-assessment and when will the board make the changes and refurbish new marksheets?” asked Vasant Romani, father of an HSC student.

His daughter, Hanisha has already sought admissions for a medical course in an institute, but was hoping to get into a better institute. “Even if the board provides us a photocopy of her answer sheets, we will not get the new marksheet for another couple of months. What’s the use of this process?” asked Romani, whose daughter wants to pursue a degree in medicine.

'Takes too long'
Applying for re-assessment began on June 2, the day the results were declared. According to the stated process, once the candidate receives her answer sheets, she is supposed to get it re-evaluated by her school/college professor. After this, this new score will be sent to a board moderator, who will decide whether to change the student’s score.

The board is supposed to send the answer copies within 12 days. A month later, students still await the elusive answer books. “My son’s college professor has re-assessed his Psychology paper and has added another 17 marks to the same answer sheet.

We were hoping the board would complete this re-assessment process soon and give us a new marksheet, but the admissions are long done, and we haven’t heard from the board office,” said Xavier Louis whose son finished his HSC at St Xavier’s College at Dhobi Talao.

What’s worse is that parents and students who have been calling the board office have received very little help in this matter. “When we call the divisional board office in Vashi, we are asked to visit the office and enquire; when we visit the office, they tell us not to disturb them till we don’t receive an intimation over SMS from them.

What are we finally supposed to do?” asked Hanisha Romani, whose friends are also in the same boat – awaiting to hear from the board. “I had applied for the photocopies on June 11 and received the copy only on July 1.

Now I will have to get this re-assessed by my professor and send it across to the board, after which they will re-check the paper and decide if I deserve the marks. It’s a never-ending process and doesn’t serve its purpose,” said Tejal Sharma, a student of Fort Convent School.

Sharma wants to apply for pharmacy colleges, but will have to apply with her current score as she is not expecting the re-assessed marks anytime soon. This only means that due to the board’s slow process, students lose out on a chance to secure seats in a better college.

Board speak
When mid-day spoke to the Mumbai divisional board chairman Laxmikant Pande, he insisted that the process is being completed as per the schedule. “Whoever has applied for photocopies of answer sheets has received them within a couple of weeks. In case they haven’t received the same, they can get in touch with us and we will try to solve their problem. Students need not worry,” said Laxmikant Pande.

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