A museum to celebrate a legend

Sep 29, 2014, 07:32 IST | The Guide team

To mark the birth centenary of the late Daji Kaka Gadgil, the city witnessed the launch of the Dajikaka Gadgil Museum recently. the guide tells you more

The Dajikaka Gadgil museum was recently launched in the city to celebrate the birth centenary of the late Dajikaka Gadgil. The museum tells a story of endurance and integrity, about the inception and revolution of gold’s purity along with Daji Kaka’s journey. Gold has to go through many stages of refinement for it to emerge in the form we widely know it today. The depiction of the whole process, starting from mining and transportation to the refinement and distribution is one of the highlights of the museum.


As one enters, one can notice 10 audio-visual screens, which highlight the history of the family business, offer information about gold and the problems faced by the family. There are headphones handed to the audience to watch the videos. Also on display are rare jewellery items as well as photographs of the family. The unique lighting system adds to the charm of
the museum.

On display are rare jewellery items and photographs of the family

Speaking about the museum, Saurabh Gadgil, managing director, PN Gadgil Jewellers, says, “The space was organised to pay tribute to Daji Kaka. The museum has a lot of articles depicting Daji Kaka’s efforts. We had plans to celebrate his 100th birthday in a grand manner.

Exhibits at the museum

Had he been amongst us today, he would have been very happy. He is considered as one of the eminent personalities of Maharashtra, especially in the field of jewellery. What we are doing today is a tribute to him. We have arranged various activities spread throughout the day. He is PNG Jeweller’s patriarch. We have his blessings and his lessons of truth.”
AT PN Gadgil Jewellers, Hadapsar.

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