A musical bro code

Sep 08, 2013, 11:23 IST | Deepali Dhingra

You might know Paresh Kamath and Naresh Kamath as band Kailasa's members, but there's a lot happening on the musical front for the brothers otherwise as well. Deepali Dhinngra gets chatting with the duo

They sound similar while talking, their names are similar, they look similar (although one of them’s thankfully got his long curly hair chopped now!) and even their mobile numbers are just one digit apart. Meet Paresh Kamath and Naresh Kamath -- Kailash Kher’s partners in music and band Kailasa’s members. And since there is so much similarity between them, we couldn’t help but wonder if their music, too, sounds similar? “It’s subjective,” says Naresh, the younger of the two, “Some days it may sound similar, other days it may not.”

Paresh and Naresh Kamath are keen to explore more composing opportunities in Bollywood. Pic/Nimesh Dave

The Kamath brothers met Kher in 2001 when he was just starting out in the music field and in Paresh’s words, “a kind of magic happened” when they met the earthy singer. Coming from a background that mainly consisted of rock, jazz and fusion, one would assume it would have been difficult for them to connect with the desi Kher. Not really, Paresh reveals. “It’s like the rings of the Olympic Games.

They might be apart but at some point they come together and there’s a connect,” he adds. The meeting had been by accident. “His manager had heard our music and asked us to work on an album with him. We had never heard this guy before and were blown away by his voice,” recalls Paresh. They worked on the demo and sent it back to Kher, who loved what they had done with the music. “That’s how we ended up working with him,” says Naresh.

Kailasa was formed in 2005 and since then, not just the band, but even Kher as a solo singer has come a long way, with him almost being the face of the band. But that’s not something that bothers them too much. “See what happens is, he’s short and we’re tall. So when the photographers try to capture his face, they only get till our shoulders, so nobody knows us!” Paresh laughs.

Like every band, there is a lot of give and take that takes place between Kher, Paresh, Naresh and the other band members -- and not just musically. “Kailash always uses heavy, Hindi words that we never understand. And the first English word he picked up from us was ‘dude,’” grins Paresh, while Naresh adds, “And these days, Kailash uses such English words, that even we’re left surprised. There are times we end up using his Hindi words.”

The band is now planning to come out with their fifth album. But that’s not the only thing on Paresh and Naresh’s mind. The duo’s plans extend beyond Kailasa and even beyond the other band they are part of -- Hypnotribe -- where they play alternative music. While they have dabbled in film music -- they have composed music for films such as Dasvidaniya and some songs of Chandni Chowk to China as Kailash, Paresh and Naresh -- the duo is keen to explore the space of music composing in Bollywood in a more focussed manner.

“It’s great working with Kailasa but Kailash is a very busy man. So we’re also looking at keeping ourselves busy with Bollywood assignments. We have arranged and produced some tracks for Pritam and there’s also some work we have done for Yash Raj Films,” says Naresh. Looks like the Kamath boys are on the right track!

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