A new mobile app for your furniture shopping

Nov 03, 2014, 07:14 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Funterior is a new augmented reality app, that allows you to check whether or not a furniture will fit into your home design plan, before buying it

So, you had been looking all over to buy new furniture for you home. And one day, you did find a few picks online. You were so impressed that you got it delivered home, only to realise that it doesn’t vibe with your decor.


In such scenarios, don’t you wish that there be a device that would allow you to check whether or not a particular piece of furniture would look good in a spot, before you paid for it?

Guess, what? There’s help in store. Funterior is a new Augmented Reality (AR) app, created by Bangalore-based online furniture retailer Mebelkart.com that allows you to check how specific furniture will look in your house, be it a new wall clock, a sofa, a chair, a dining table, a bed; just about anything, and all of this before you purchase it.

How does it work? Like most AR-based apps, you point your phone’s camera towards the space where you would like to position the new furniture. Now, the app will juxtapose a virtual image of the furniture you like (from the Mebelkart.com store) in that space to give you an idea of how it may look; on the wall or the corner of your house, wherever you choose to position it.

This virtual reality (augmented by the app) gives you an idea of how the furniture would look in your house. The best thing is if there are more than one variant of the furniture available, you can change it as many times till you find the correct one to suit your liking.

Still not sure, whether or not you should buy the furniture? Share the picture on Facebook or email it to your friends, to get their feedback. Cool, or what?

Available on: Google Playstore
Price : Free
Log on to: funteriorapp.com

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