A new twist to Sheila ki Jawani

Jul 20, 2012, 10:12 IST | Dhara Vora

Rave iBAND from Bangalore creates music entirely on smartphones and tablets. Dhara Vora chatted up with this group before they perform live in the city

These artists travel light. Now, that you can do everything from buying vegetables to an airline ticket with a touch on your phone, creating music through it wasn’t far behind. Rave iBAND a four-member band from Bangalore that makes music entirely on their smartphones and tablets. The group comprises of Ricky Kej, Riccha Paul on vocals and a bit of percussion, Charanraj (Piano App, Guitar App, Microphone App), DJ Andy and Vanil Veigas (Percussion App, Flute App).

Members of Bangalore-based band Rave iBAND

Their music ranges from Bollywood songs, to Retro Rock and even contemporary Pop. But they always create their versions especially in contrasting genres apart from remixing them. “During a recording session, I was waiting for a musician to arrive and started to fiddle around with a couple of music apps on a friend’s iPAD. In less than half an hour, I had created a song! The music sounded professional, and the manufacturing process was entertaining. That’s when I called in a few likeminded talented musicians, and created the Rave iBAND,” says founder member Kej.

The band uses smart phones and tablets to create music. Kej reveals that the best part is that they can travel light for concerts. Kej reveals that some- times, the band even rehearses on flights with headphones. Their rendition of Sheila Ki Jawaani created a stir on the airwaves recently. Apart from this track, the band will do versions of Chammak Challo, Summer of ’69 and songs by Lady Gaga.

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