A pebbled path to mango heaven at Pebbles

May 11, 2014, 08:51 IST | Deepali Dhingra

We all know mangoes taste great when added to desserts, but what happens when you add them to starters and the main course? Pure bliss, as Deepali Dhingra finds out at Pebbles

When the season of mangoes arrives, we invariably get invites to come and taste mango delicacies in various restaurants. Usually, the menu comprises mango drinks, desserts and once in a while, a dish that promises to do justice to the king of fruits but barely comes close to fulfilling it. So when Pebbles, the fine-dine restaurant at Andheri West sent us an invite, it piqued our interest. Now this, we had to try.

So one hot afternoon, we set out on this mango mission. Once we settled inside and the air conditioner had had its effect, the first of the drinks arrived. The waiter announced Mango Panna (Rs 150) and believe us, we didn’t pay much attention, because how wrong can you go with that, right? Well, that day, we realised how right you can go with this drink, too. The panna had just the right amount of sweet and salt.

Garnished with mint leaves, it left us wanting for more. The Mango Smoothie (Rs 225) and the Mango Margarita (Rs 195) that followed were standard affairs, with the latter tilting towards the sweeter side of the pallete. But things brightened up once again with the Mango Martini (Rs 195). Flavoursome, with the right amount of vodka, it certainly helped whet our appetite.

The Mango Paneer Tikka (Rs 485) sounded dubious at first, but the sight of the dish convinced us. And once we had cut a piece of the tikka and placed it in our mouth, we couldn’t help but sigh happily. The paneer was soft and succulent, with a delicate hint of kairi (raw mango).

But the best was yet to arrive. The Murg Kairi Tikka (Rs 485) was the clear winner, with its big chunky pieces of juicy chicken. We chose to relish the tikkas without any chutneys or accompaniments. And even when the third starter, the Kairi Murg Sheek (Rs 485) arrived on the table, we were still thinking about the tikkas. The latter, served with shredded kairi on top, was a tad too sour for our taste, but we figured, some people would like the tangy twist.

Till now, we wondered how the main course would turn out. Thankfully, the chef scored high, which is good news for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The Kairi Veg Ratnagiri (Rs 425), a mixed vegetable dish with babycorn, beans, paneer and American corn with a slightly tangy flavour, went extremely well with the roti.

We would have asked for more, but there was Kairi Murg Rajasthani (Rs 485) also waiting for its turn. The melt-in-the-mouth pieces of chicken in a thick gravy was much appreciated. The main course over, we settled down with the desserts, this time happy in the knowledge that mango desserts are usually winners. And we’re happy to report we were proved right.

What settled matters were the generous portions. The Mango with Ice Cream (Rs 250) was how it should be a big dollop of vanilla ice cream served on a bed of freshly cut mangoes, while the Mango Cheesecake (Rs 275) had a crisp base and a creamy soft layer of cheesecake on top. And once we had said our goodbyes to the courteous staff, we walked out thinking it’s a good thing the mango season lasts for a good few months.

We cannot rate the experience as it was a preview

Food: Delicious 
Service: Warm
Price: Rs 2,000 for two people
At: A 101, Crystal Plaza, Opposite Infiniti Mall, New Link Road, Lokhandwala, Andheri West 
Call: 8689885757

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