A photograph shot by Dr Deepak John Matthew

Apr 25, 2013, 04:07 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

The Guide caught up with Dr Deepak John Mathew who will host a workshop on the basics of photography to help you unleash your inner photographer and turn you from an amateur to a pro

The Fine Art Photography Club has organised a session on the Basic understanding of photography in a bid to promote young talent. Dr Deepak John Mathew, an eminent name in the field of photography and Head, Photography Design, National Institute of Design (NID), will be conducting the workshop for the city’s click-happy enthusiasts. The Guide chatted with the ace photographer about his workshop:

It’s all about learning tricks
The workshop is an initiative of the Fine Art Photography Club to encourage budding photographers and photography enthusiasts to hone their observation and detailing skills from a photographer’s angle, and spotting hidden expressions to develop into a skilled photographer. Though everyone may not have a good camera, the skills learned and discussions held here will help you get good results. Along with the basic techniques, I will also be teaching the editing of photos which involves choosing and short-listing photographs. Sometimes editing can be controversial but in the end, the picture matters. Some will believe in editing some won’t but aren’t we all editing photos when we hold the camera in our hands and select a particular piece as a subject? We are organising this workshop on World Pinhole Camera Day that falls on April 28. Considering this, the participants will be briefed about the historic processes and the low-tech equipments like the pinhole camera that have been widely preferred by experts in contemporary times.

A photograph shot by Dr Deepak John Matthew

Photography as a fine art 
I penned my book Principles of Design hrough Photography considering both amateurs and experts. The theory given in the book will help experts to add to their knowledge and the illustrations will help amateurs.

While we see photography as an art, it needs to be understood that art cannot be taught, craft can. Photography is a fine art where drawing can be taught but visualisation cannot. Hence, photography is considered as a fine art that requires 80% hard work and 20% intuition.

Indian photography
Indian photography has started to progress lately. People have started accepting it as a medium which wasn’t the scene five years back. Indian galleries have started accepting photographers’ works which is in itself a big leap. I consider it as a youngsters’ medium and very soon photography is going to be a major media making big shifts in the country’s prospects.

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