A sex tourist can buy the 'wife' of his choice in Mumbai

Published: Dec 28, 2012, 11:38 IST | Bhupen Patel and Kranti Vibhute |

Investigations by MiD DAY revealed that the Arabs visiting India, usually possess a 'Khadama'(housemaid) visa. Once a victim is trafficked to Arab countries on a Khadama visa, she is placed under house arrest and is sexually exploited.

During the course of the investigation, MiD DAY met several agents, pimps, and also spoke to a number of victims. We found that in a span of just a few days, at least three such nikahs were performed. 

First encounter: The reporters met one of the victims, Mumtaz (circled) at a restaurant in south Mumbai. Pic/Pradeep Dhivar

The first nikah was done on a deal of Rs 35,000 for 15 days, the second paid Rs 14,000 for ten days. But the real shocker was the third one where a 15-year-old girl from Hyderabad was married to a senior Arab national for Rs 1 lakh.

The third victim: Mumtaz
Location: Restaurant in South Mumbai
Based on the information provided by Razia, MiD DAY contacted Mumtaz and she agreed to meet us at a restaurant in South Mumbai.

Bhupen posed as a local from South Mumbai, trying to help Kranti, who was posing as Shabnam, a resident of Mumbra, find a temporary Arab groom. Mumtaz, who seemed to be in her mid 30s, claimed to have met one Arab at Rajdoot Hotel on the same morning, and wanted to take her to the Gulf on a Khadama visa.

Here is what she said:

Ashraf: Tum teen log aaye Hyderabad se barabar? Tum leke aaye woh logo ko?

Mumtaz: Main kyu leke aau. Who leke aaye mereko.

Bhupen: Rajdoot mein kaun bola tumko jaaneko?

Mumtaz: Ek saheli humari Hyderabad mein rehti hai Heena. Woh boli humko tum log agar aaye udhar (Mumbai) to udhar aana (Rajdoot). Heena ne bataya tha lekin woh udhar (Rajdoot) thi hi nahi. Heena, Ibrahim karke kisike saath hai. Wahan (Rajdoot) pe humko koi mila, woh bola tumne Ibrahim ko dekha hai kya. Maine bola nahi dekha. Phir woh counter pe gaya, kuch Arbi se baat kiya. Phir mereko bola ki woh (hotel wale) tumko bula rahe hai. Aayi main isike liye to jana to padega hi.

Bhupen: Phir kya hua?

Mumtaz: Woh mereko bola kitne paise loge tum ek din rukne ke liye? Main boli paanch hazaar rupya lagega. Woh bola ki main tumko do hazaar doonga. Tumhare saath paanch-dus minute baithunga, bola woh.

Bhupen: Arbi tha woh?

Mumtaz: Haan Arbi tha. Woh bola itne ladkiyan aayi lekin main tumhareko hi chuna. Phir room mein ek ladki aayi. Woh boli ki yeh Arab aisehi karta hai. Itni ladkiya aayi lekin unke saath nahi gaya. Main boli mujhe kya karna hai. Mujhe paise se matlab hai. Abhi humare paas paisa nahi tha. Hum log aaye the sab do-do hazaar layee the. Aaj Khatam ho gaya tha paisa. Room ke bhade mein sab khatam ho gaya. Aaj subah nikle the to soch ke nikle ke kuch kaam karenge. Mera hone ke baad woh Razia ko bhi pasand kara. Woh bola Razia ko kal subah tak rahegi to 3,000 rupya dega. Woh boli theek hai. Maine kaha khali jaane se accha to chale jao.

Ashraf: Phir… phir?

Mumtaz: Shazia ko bhi leke aayi thi lekin Arab bola yeh nahi mangta. Woh mereko bol raha hai shaadi karke leke jayega Khadama ke visa par. Lekin mereko kaam nahi aata na.

Ashraf: Lekin visa saath leke aya hai?

Mumtaz: Woh leke aaya hai saath mein. Mere passport ka Xerox liya usne.

Bhupen: Kitni der thi tum uske saath?

Mumtaz: Dus minute rahee na. Jhoot nahi bolungi.

Ashraf: Hum logon se kya madat chahiye?

Mumtaz: Hum shaadi bhi karna chah rahe hai, agar koi waisa kaam hai to woh bhi karenge. Hum ko paise ki zarurat hai, pyaar mohabbat ki nahi. (Talks about the Arab she met at Rajdoot) Lekin woh Khadama ka visa laga ke leke jaa raha hai. Mereko maloom hai waha ka system. Khatarnak hai.

Bhupen: Kaam hi karayega. Aur kya karayega?

Mumtaz: To kaam aata kya mereko? Kaam bhi karayega aur saath mein rahega bhi. Two in one karega. Khadama aur wife.

Ashraf: Saudi mein?

Mumtaz: Haan. Kal ek Arbi aa raha hai mujhse shaadi karne ke liye.

Each trip to the city is for 20 days

The agent’s cut is 25%

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