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Jan 03, 2012, 06:37 IST | Dhara Vora

With some delicious non-veg options on offer, The Food Studio may soon become a popular haunt among meat-eaters. Vegetarians may, however, find the options limited

With some delicious non-veg options on offer, The Food Studio may soon become a popular haunt among meat-eaters. Vegetarians may, however, find the options limited

Around a year back, we had given a thumbs down to a place called Cafe Cabana that hoped to become a popular hub among the yuppy crowd of Mulund. Unfortunately, the cafe had to shut down for good and in its place now stands The Food Studio (TFS), started by the same owners. We hoped our visit this time, proves to be much better as we didn't want to start our New Year with a bad taste.

Thai Basil Prawns

While the earlier eatery used to be gloomy with an eerie aura to it, TFS is well-lit, spacious with an inner and outer seating area and seemed inviting with its warm interiors.

They also have a separate glass-walled cubicle inside, in case you want to have a quiet family get-together. The music varies from LMFAO to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, with videos of Coke Studio and The Police being featured on a giant screen. Settled in chairs with wrought iron dragonflies on them, we were ready to order.

We first ordered an Orange Sweetlime and Elderflower Martini (Rs 265) and on our attendant's suggestion a Dark Dark Iced Tea for cocktails (Rs 450). While the Martini was more like a Ganga Jamuna gone tipsy, the Dark Dark Iced Tea (which we guess is the name given by TFS for Extra Long) was quite potent, as promised.

The food section might not include a huge list, but has a mix of dishes ranging from Caesar Salad, Achari Paneer, Kandahri Tikka to Tostadas and Pasta.

Cottage Cheese Romani

Overall TFS has more options for the non-vegetarian diner. We ordered the Thai Basil Prawns (Rs 329) and Cottage Cheese Romani (Rs 239). The service was prompt and our attendant knew the menu well. He helped us pick our dishes by elaborating on what exactly went into the making of each dish.

Our prawns and cottage cheese arrived, without any delay. Despite the fact that we are not seafood fans, we were forced to give a thumbs-up to the prawns, which were cooked very well.

The mild flavouring of basil in the red sauce was not dwarfed by the smell of prawns and the quantity was more than the usual eight pieces. The Cottage Cheese Romani was mildly sweet with a a few herbs, that were  yummy. The paneer was fresh as well.

Happy with our first plates, we hit the main course. Our attendant suggested we order Fish and Chips (Rs 349), which will compliment our Iced Tea and encouraged by the prawn experience we heeded his advice.

The dish was served without any sauce accompaniment and when we asked for it, we were given a yummy minty chutney and mayo mixed with ketchup.
Though well-cooked, you can afford to give this dish a miss. After a look at the vegetarian main course options, we ordered the Kehkashan with Garlic Naan  (just because it sounded fancy) (Rs 59) and the Murgh Khatta Pizza (Rs 289), which sounded very different.

But even our attendant could not hide his mirth when he clarified that it was a printing mistake and it should have been Pyaaza instead. Nevertheless, we went ahead and ordered it with a Lachcha Paratha (Rs 59).

The Kehkashan was a tomato-gravy based mixed vegetable with bursts of pomegranate and complimented the generously buttered Garlic Naan.
Not out of the world (or galaxy as the word kehkashan means). The Murgh Khatta Pyaaza had a brown gravy, with a nice achaari taste to it. It would have tasted great with the paratha, had the chicken not been slightly undercooked.

The desert menu included just four options and we thought paying Rs 130 for two Gulab Jamuns was a crime and opted for a Sizzling Brownie (Rs 199) instead. It did not disappoint.

With good service and a few great dishes in place, TFS can be a hit if it clears a few glitches and includes a few more vegetarian options in the main course, especially since it is located in an area, populated by many Gujaratis and Jains. 
AT The Food Studio, opposite Runwal Green Project, Mulund Goregaon Link Road, ahead of Fortis hospital, Mulund (W).
CALL 25624999
The Food Studio didn't know we were there.
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