A summer workshop for kids on Indian Arts and Culture

Apr 19, 2016, 08:12 IST | Anand Beneal

Give your little one a taste of India’s art forms at a five-day interactive workshop

The Sound Space, a city-based organisation that conducts Indian classical music workshops and works towards healing and self-development through music, is now conducting a summer workshop for kids. Discovering Indian Arts and Culture will be a five-day workshop where children will be introduced to a new aspect of Indian culture each day through art, music, storytelling, dance, and drama.

Open for children between four and eight years, the organisers aim to educate them about what India has to offer with its rich cultural and artistic heritage. They are also keen to let children have fun with unique cultural activities in store.

Unlike many artistes who work with classical Indian art forms including music, dance or fine art, Vishala Khurana of The Sound Space doesn’t buy into the notion that children do not know enough about their roots, even amidst the increased Western influence in media. She believes that art forms indigenous to India need to be presented in an appealing fashion to children, so they can enjoy their rich heritage.

On: April 25, 5 pm onwards
At: Shantivan Gardens, near Godrej Baug, Malabar Hills, Napean Sea Road.
Call: 9819272833
Log on to: thesoundspace.in

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